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Great post about women and sex . I'm 30 years old , even If I'm sometimes depressed with the same worries than you , But I think imagination and creativity can make the difference not the age ..

denise lombardozzi

o michelle
i found you,it is a long,stale story for sure...i am just happy to have you on my radar again!

i turned 50 yesterday.
i am nearly finished with menopause and on healthy,happy doses of bio-identical hormones.
life situations lately are leaning on unbearable at times...another long & stale story.
but sex.
is great...i am very lucky to have a ferocious desire to be with the man i like/love...i admit i didn't read every comment made here,so i may be repeating...the key i find for that desire is in between my ears.i hope that makes sense,i have come to grips with my changing body and even appreciate it and sex is my reward!

i will be bookmarking you again for many reasons!



I am having all kinds of issues with sex. I apparently have a lot more hang ups than I realized and they don't really have to do with aging. They have to do with upbringing. I am trying to learn how to let go and find myself and be ok with MY perception of sex and realize that everyone has different perceptions. For me, sex is very much a control issue and I am trying my best to let it go. I am learning that my husband really doesn't want to control me, he just wants to have fun, I am just a total freak about the whole thing and I guess I don't trust myself very much. This has gotten a lot harder with age and after having three kids I don't really like my body anymore but am doing my best to accept myself. You can never have really good sex unless you learn how to let go of past resentments over things that have happened. I have been married for 17 years and have many issues with my husband and trusting my feelings with him. He is not the most open and supportive person so I am really afraid to tell him a lot of things.....I am trying though, to turn my life around and your post made me think about things. Good luck in your journey and I will make sure mine works out. Life is too short to be miserable!!! Sexually or otherwise!


I jsut found your site and read your great post about sex.. I loved how you told us "older" folk to quiet down and in such a nice way! Have you ever read any of Mama Gena's books? They are fabulous! Get each one and have a titilating ride! Mama Gena; aka, Regena Thomashauer. Great Blog and you are a fabulous writer!

conservatory furniture

Not people are stronger enough to let the world know how they feel especially on the low side, it is great to find a little peace


I have agree bearing ones soul online is not as easy as one might think


Thanks for your honesty and courage and for the inspiration. I really like and agree with what you say about sex, both our fears and how important this aspect of ourselves is to a full and vibrant life. Thank you for making me think and for the inspiration.

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