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I enjoy all of your words, images, and poetry. Tangled or sweet they are truthful and speak to my heart. I am grateful that you share yourself so openly. Thank you very much. And whatever you choose to do with both your blogs I am sure will be as wonderful and as inspiring as you are. Don't ever give up.


I've been a faithful reader of your blog for several months...be encouraged! One of the best tools I have found for Photoshop is the book "Adobe Photoshop: Classroom in a Book." I tried learning it on my own and it was almost impossible. But this book goes step-by-step.


This is a brave post. I think you can see here, by all these posts, that you are appreciated as an artistic person, and we all will follow you right along to see what is next in your world!


michelle, your courage is inspiring. i've cut myself off at different times for similar reasons, and it's always good to return, still broken. thanks for sharing with us. i'm lookin' forward to the new blog!



How crazy...maybe there is something weird going on in the universe and that strange energy has decided to tangle itself in our lives for some reason.

It will all lead somewhere good - this is the faith I am holding onto - and in the meantime keeping at least some kind of grasp on our creative community is so important.

Thinking of you!!!


i look forward to seeing
you tomorrow, whatever changes may come.

i also want to say
how much i appreciate
that after two years,
i can still count
on comments from you
on my blog,
regardless how little i have been blogging...

and don't quit.
you have it in you,
it is just working it's own way out...

JanePoe (aka Deborah)

What a brave an honest post. This is how many of us feel at times throughout our lives ~ but you, my dear soul, gave it voice. Life is tangled. Life is messy. And we're trying to find our way in the midst of it all.

Sending you love, strength and peace. xx, deb


Nothing worthwhile happens overnight, sweetie ~ you gotta persevere. Photography ain't easy... at least the becoming a recognized star part isn't. You're doing this the right way.. don't get discouraged! Photoshop still kicks my ass from time to time, and I spend 8 hours a day inside of it. Be of good cheer. :)


Yes, I think I know what you mean. When your thoughts and your imagination have been on a certain path for a long time and no attention has been given to another side, possibly the darker side, after a while it screams for attention. I don't know, but that is something that has happened to me. I started out on the dark side, though. Then again, I'm a pretty dark person. However, now I walk the middle ground. That is a very cool place.

I wish you goodwill and peace in your pathwork.


How is it possible that I haven't been by here in a MONTH?! Well, it's because I let life get 'busy' and this resulted: "Being disconnected from all of you really has worn on my spirit." (I just posted something to that effect yesterday.) Okay, off to keep reading to see what new direction you're headed...


Noticed you're reading Wicked. I just posted about that recently--would love to hear your thoughts so far. . .(I've just discovered your blog and I'll certainly be back. Ciao for now!


Noticed you're reading Wicked. I just posted about that recently--would love to hear your thoughts so far. . .(I've just discovered your blog and I'll certainly be back. Ciao for now!

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