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I love this shot!


This sounds like fun.. I might have to participate just for the fun of it!
Great photo.


I always love seeing your foot tattoo - I still really want one.

I'm going to participate with you not sure if it's daily or weekly updates on the blog, but it sounds like a good idea to me. My spirit needs some focusing upon.

Ink Spots

I love the shot and the idea of the m.o.m. sounds like something everyone should do. I've been doing something close, in that I take one day every week to nourish my self.
I think I'll try to play along.


What a great idea! I have a tendency to look back at the day and pick out some random thing that somehow qualifies as self-care or soul-food. I like the idea of planning a treat. I'm in. Yesterday (it wasn't planned) I was sick and spent the day with heating pads and magazines. It felt somehow nurturing to let myself just be. Today I'll be more mindful (and healthy) about choosing.


I love the idea of M.O.M.

And this shot is beautiful!


i'm in! may is my birthday month too and i could really use some self-pampering. great idea!


Woohoo! I'm so glad that I was able to start off your MOM with some dance. It's great to know we were dancing together :)

And what a great idea to nourish your spirit every day this month. I'm noticing my resistance to saying I'll participate because I'm so very busy, but I think that's when we need it the very most. I'm in.


i say yes to a month of me, and thank you for the inspiration :)
lovely photo, i adore the foot tattoo also.


i say yes to a month of me, and thank you for the inspiration :)
lovely photo, i adore the foot tattoo also.


love this shot Michelle. love the shoes!!!


What a great idea! Last year I loved reading about how you celebrated your birthday ALL MONTH LONG. I need to make sure I am taking time to rest and pamper myself, even in the midst of the busyness of May. (Why is May so busy, anyway?) Even if I just set aside a few minutes for creative time, it nourishes me.

And dancing just makes everything good. No question about it!


Sounds like the perfect gift! And Spring is just asking for it, isn't it? I'll join in as much as possible... xo

And I love the photo too!


Ummm, hi! :) Your shoes are yummy, and I LOVE this idea for your birthday month.



Happy Birthday month!!!



LOVE the shoes. LOVE the shot. This is great!


Oh Michelle,
This is such a wonderful idea. What better way to celebrate your birthday then with nourishing your soul. I am in. My body and soul could use some nourishing and you just inspired me to consciously attempt to it every day. And not the when I go to bed try to come up with something that was good for me that day ordeal, as I have done before...and that really isn't nourishing. I am excited to get some ideas from you and to see where this takes me. Thank you for your divine inspiration...and I hope you have a wonderful birthday month!!


mom on a wire

Lawdy, your feets are adorable.


What an inspiring idea! And can your feet be any cuter?

Happy birth month. xoxo

tongue in cheek

Happy Birthday Month! You shine from head to toe, and your poetry sings from your very roots!


I'm in! I'll leave a link after my first posting. :)


I'll bite...today something good was...reading your blog..and writing a poem..now excuse me while I dig out my dancin shoes!


What a great way to celebrate your birthday month! Wonderful photos and words.


This sounds wonderful. What a great way to honor yourself.

Love you


Love the shoes and the shot. Gorgeous. Happy birthday.

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