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I've been recently thinking about how to become more green myself! Our town's newsletter published a list of replacement items for all the abrasive household chemicals. Perhaps I'll find it to link in my blog or type them up if I can't find them elsewhere.

I've gone and posted my second week for the month of me, and I am so inspired that it may be a regular post... the small pleasures recorded, looking back.

I'm glad you had such a peaceful mother's day! I was planting this day too. So beautiful to make our planet more colorful, nurturing to the earth and ourselves!


What a lovely mother's day, and a lovely activity. It seems that planting and gardening was a theme on Sunday. I did the same thing, as did another bloggie friend. It must be in the air. :-) I look forward to hearing more about your beautiful garden.



This made me all teary and choked up... What a wonderful mothers day gift!

I have a black thumb and simply cannot keep any plants alive, but I like the idea of bringing canvas bags to the store.




you and i are on the same page lately, let me tell you.


I love the garden idea! That'll be cool to be able to make home grown salsa! Happy belated mother's day!


such a sweet idea. i love, love, love the shots of b leaning over the earth and marigolds...


seriously Michelle, your photos are just gorgeous. just gorgeous. happy (belated) mother's day!


These photos make my heart swell. I'm trying to green out our home more too, especially the shopping bags.


I too, have been going green, as they say.

Duncan and I garden, and we have a compost pile. We seperate recycling and take it to the bins. It makes my heart happy to hear his four-year-old indignant tyrades about litter.

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