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I think most of us have been at that place where we treat ourselves worse than we would treat another person. I'm so glad you've made this a special month of doing good things for yourself.
Your idea sparked my interest and I've been keeping up. I don't want to leave a super long comment (don't like to hog!) but I've done some awesome things for myself and for others.
It's all pretty much documented on my bloggie, and I've been having a blast.
Here's to more sunny and fun days.


yay for MOM! i'm so glad you started this; glad for me and glad for you. i'm finding myself slowing down tremendously and allowing happiness to flow in during those slow moments.


Thanks so much for the invitation to M.o.M. I'm thoroughly enjoying participating. It's giving me something to look forward to every day.

And I love how sometimes the things that nurture us might sometimes be things that are a bit unexpected, like cleaning the house. That's awesome.

I hope you're feeling soothed, nutured and more like yourself.


This is a beautiful idea...I can think of no better way to celebrate another year than to pamper yourself. Thanks for keeping us updated with these small acts of grace...


I thought of you and the M.o.M. when I bought myself two dozen roses yesterday. They are orange and white with dark pink edges... and so beautiful. Three people have asked, and all three think that I am lying and hiding some secret lover... doesn't anyone buy themselves flowers just because they love them?!


So easy to forget the self care, but so important to remember.
Dates with the kids, our partner, ourselves...yes, very important and something I need more of in my life.

Goddess of Leonie

bless you woman for sharing this...

i too am wanting to recommit to self care.



Good for you dear M. You are dealing with real life and trying to be good to yourself, and that is all anyone can do. I am with you on the self beating-up, because I have been doing that to myself for weeks. I too am taking steps to better my body and soul.

Sometimes like is just hard, no? You are doing a fantastic job of keeping it good!

xoxoxo to you


those kinds of walks are the best kinds of walks :)

sounds like a good week :)


I love this idea! And I'm so glad to hear that one of my favorite bloggers is taking care of herself. I've heard so many older women say, in response to hearing a younger woman beating herself up about her looks, 'hell, if I'd only stop to appreciate how HOT I looked back then..." Chuckle. It's a good perspective to have sometimes!


So happy you are taking such good care of yourself baby doll...

Love you


This is all SO good, Michelle. I agree that housecleaning is not exactly relaxing but it feels SO good to have everything tidied away. It always makes me feel like my life is THAT much more manageable.

The other day I was having one of THOSE days - and so I took the afternoon off, ate my lunch with Husband on the couch, and then took a nap. It was the best thing I could do for myself, instead of having a meltdown. This month is just not very condusive to a lot of pampering, but I will do what I have to do!

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