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He's DARN good! (Just like his Mom!) Happy Mother's Day, Michelle!



I love the one of him jumping.

But I especially love your form of bribery!

I also love the colors--the blues, reds, yellow. Such a lovely treasure to share with us!


ACK! Also:

Happy Mother's Day!!!!


these are simply adorable! you both have such an eye for a picture ;-) xo


He's REALLY good Michelle and the joy in both of your faces is something. I love his tummy, I adore the jump shot and those shots on the brick lane - fantastic.


What a great team y'all make! Also, I love the bribes...the GBK went through a stage where she hated to have her picture taken. Now she's okay with it.

You are just so beautiful. Both of you. Happy Mother's Day!


hmmm, I think you may have just given me an idea! Thanks.

These are wonderful.

Happy Mothers Day.


These are some amazing shots. I'm SO glad you discovered a way to get him to cooperate again with being photographed. And now you have a budding photographer, too! Gifts abound.


Wow, beautiful shots. What treasures. And seeing this series I suddenly realize how very much you two look alike! Peas in a pod!

princess banter

awwwwwwww all so cute :) you must be proud! :)


It's clear that Britt is growing up to be a photographer like his mom.

Wishing you the happiest of Mother's Days.


he is just so freakin' adorable. My little man is the same way with the camera...I have several photos of his little arms strapped across his chest...his chin lifted and his face pouty....i cherish those photos as well. ;-) Happy Mother's day!


ahhh I can relate! Happy moms day!


Gorgeous, yummy photos by both of you! Happy Mother's Day! xoxo


beautiful photos - happy mom's day darlin!


JanePoe (aka Deborah)

You *both* are adorable! And yes, I think your son may be a budding photographer :) Happy Mother's Day, Michele! xx, JP


smiling about the sword in the belt loop, so darn cute - you two are good, really good.
happy mother's day :)


He's VERY good, just like his mama! And he looks like such a big boy (in those last two or three especially)...not as baby-faced as he used to, even recently.



The second one made me smile which turned to a grin and then I teared up-all from one picture.

Then the one of you with the red background. Oh I just love it!

Then the walk this way pic cracked me up.

Oh you are such a great photographer-and so beautiful to boot.

man I love you crazy, girl


Ooo WOW! how cool are these photos of you both. So very nice indeedy. So talented you both are.

Big hugs,
Love Toni


he is soo gorgeous! xoxox Happy Mother's Day


Always nice photos...
How many do you take during just one day ?


He is very good.. wow! It's in the genes, isn't it?? Hope you had a wonderful mother's day.


unbelievable....these are
so great! i have a few favorites, but love them all. you are moving now sista!


What a SUPER idea, I must try this on Jack, aince my bribes are failing me lately.

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