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This is just what I was craving tonight. Love the photos and the poem!


"Do you adore the green grass, with its terror beneath?"

Powerful words of acceptance, paired with gratitude and joy throughout the rest of the poem. This is magical.


Now that's a beautiful poem. LOVE IT! Not sure how this is possible, but I love it more than the photos, which are spectacular!

"This morning the green fists of the peonies are getting ready
to break my heart"



brilliant. i really enjoyed reading this, and I love the style. Cheers from a fellow poet.


sweetheart - this was divine. I came here with my heart and head aching a lot, looking to you for the understanding you always seem to have. This poem filled a dry part of my soul tonight. I actually saw a dress made to look like a peony in my head - how gorgeous that would be?! Thank you for reminding me of important things. Love to you tonight (AND ALL DAY TOMORROW Birthday Girl! XOXOXOXOXOXO)


Oh yeah. Thanks for all you share, Michelle, of your own and others.


Those photos are gorgeous. And peonies are my favorite! I just want to gaze at these images all day! Thank you for sharing this. Gorgeous.


so pretty, one I want to read to my kids.


i heart peonies


your flowers should be thrilled with those delicious words dedicated to them.


I never see peonies around here - not that I am an explorer of gardens or anything, but I think they don't really grow here. So I love it when people take pictures of them and I love Mary Oliver poetry even more than all of that! Sigh!


What a wonderful poem. I love Peonies, unfortunately they don't grow here in California.

Thanks for the beautiful words, and photographs.


This is one of my favorite poems Michelle. Its so nice to find it here and start the morning with it unexpectedly! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!! Wishing you a year of many, many joys, much love, and vibrant health and an evergrowing sense of possibilities.


oh my, michelle! these images and this poem got to me. thank you! i feel very alive in this moment.

becoming amethyst

oh the peonies!

i'm -s-a-l-i-v-a-t-i-n-g-


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