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"so take that", you silly judges!

Those are wonderful. But I hope Spur hasnt shut down completely, I do remember Spur as being a little more lively ;)


these are awesome Michelle. it's really great to see you explore the world with your camera and the images you share with us are always filled with beauty.


There's a story in each of these pictures. They're just beautiful.


very cool shots!

wish studio

beauty like hidden treasure...just lovely! xo, mindy


FABULOUS pictures !!!!


Mmmm, gorgeous!

I LOVE the peeling paint one.


Mia, These are so beautiful. You have a great eye for pictures. I don't think I can pick a favorite from this batch! They're all great. Also, I don't think I posted about how much I loved the shadow pictures you took. I want to do that with my kids. Keep using all that creatice talent you've got going!


Oops...I just totally posted on your site, and I thought it was someone elses. Sorry! I do still love the pictures you took. I changed my mind...I do have a favorite. I really like the spider web one. Sorry for the confusion!

boho girl

you have such a fantastic eye baby.

i love everything that comes out of that beautiful photography mind of yours...



Fantastic and beautiful M...my favorite is the exit door photograph.



what a treat to return and look at your amazing photographs!


I'm just loving all your pictures. So much texture! Thank you for sharing... And especially: Thank you for taking pictures! :D

Jennifer Louden

Amazing photographs! I had to look at them again and again - I'm lying in bed sick and it's helping to explore your blog.
Where were these photos taken?


I did a post long ago about the experience of a seed, pushing up green, in the crack of sidewalk.

Your picture of that captures all that i felt.

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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