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JanePoe (aka Deborah)

The fact that you're expressing this means that you are connecting somewhere deep inside with the pain of this ... sending healing thoughts and support your way. Much peace and love, JP


I can relate to what you are experiencing here. I have no doubt you will feel your way through this however you need too. I'll be thinking of you and your family.



I can really relate because, like you, there have been no major losses in my family other than old age. I think we are truly blessed.

My heart is with you and I hold you in a heart of compassion.


liz elayne

feeling the nothing is okay right now. sometimes we just have to remember to breathe. that is all we can do, and that can be hard enough.

i am so sorry to hear this michelle...he is so young. i am sending you peace and moments to just sit in the quiet...just to be, dear one. i am here, whatever you need.


i understand. it's been a year at the end of april since my mother passed and only recently have i been able to even accept that truth.
i'm sorry michelle, truly i am.


Oh baby doll

this is a normal reaction to such news.

My mother was the first in our family to get this type of diagnosis as well.

I felt this exact way for a while.

It really is your body/minds way of coping.

I am here baby to listen.

I love you tons


this is hard.
and scary.
thinking of you,


I'm so sorry for this sad news...I wish you strength as you travel through your grief.


michelle...i am so sorry about the sad news. it's funny, i have told bryce
recently that we are lucky. we really haven't had to deal with much of this. my grandparents have all been gone for a long time. but as we age, so do our love ones and the odds get worse. hang in there. what you have said in the post has really made me think about my own family.

blessing to you, your uncle and the family.


My family is small and close as well.

Sending love and hugs as you try to wrap your heart around this news.


It's shock, honey, the way your mind protects your soul. Breathe, drink lots of water, surround yourself with people who will hold you. I will stand with you through this.


I know what you mean - I have been blessed with a small family, and we're all pretty healthy. I desperately fear what the first loss will be like, even though I do try to prepare myself for my grandparents...but you never know. And that's what sucks.

It's really okay to feel nothing right now. I'm sending you good thoughts, thoughts to sustain you when the going gets rough.


oh, michelle.

unfortunately, my family knows all too well the pain of losing its members early...so i understand.

be gentle with yourself, as others have wished for you. be patient. know whatever you are feeling that it is normal, it is part of the process...and if there's anything i can do, let me know.

Jennifer (she said)

All I can say is that I understand that feeling. I am preparing to move into loss with all three of my grandparents, though we never really know how long we'll be here I guess. Still, that feeling of nothing is something I recognize in my own experiences with the people I love who are ill. I wish for you whatever it is you need in order to be with this situation and your feelings. xo


I'm holding you in my heart during this tough time.
You are feeling something, there's just not a name for it yet.
Hugs to you dear one !!!!


i'm sorry to hear the numbing news. grief comes in stages, and this numbness is completely one of those stages.


take care of yourself and the b-dog, play, laugh, and realize that the other stages will come when you're ready.


michelle, i am so sorry. i've never lost anyone either; and i can't imagine how distressing it must be for you.

sending you and your family lots of love and peace...and the reminder that miracles do happen. xo

wish studio

when the time arrives, know i am here. xo


thinking of you during this time. sending peace and love.


i know how this must feel. i have never lost anyone (through physical death) in my family either. but i know that you'll get through whatever comes--your strength shines through your writing.


I'm so sorry to hear this. I can relate to feeling nothing...that's how I feel since I got home late Sunday night. I've barely been dressed (and not since Monday)...it didn't occur to me that this might be grief...this nothingness..but I think that's what it is. Sending warm and loving thoughts to your family. It hurts like hell to lose a beloved member.


shit, grrl. this sucks. my family is so important to me too.

may the days to come be gentle on your and your family.

Ali la Loca

I am so sorry that you and your family have received this news. I hope that your uncle can find peace, and that you and all the other people that he is important to can go through the necessary grieving process when the time is right.


I may not have the right words for you - but you and your family are in my thoughts. I'm sorry that your tight-knit fam is having to face this.


oh angel, i am thinking of you. the numbness you describe is shock, and i imagine it is changing as the days pass and you absorb the information. be as gentle with yourself as you can - i am so sorry this is happening for your uncle, for your fmaily, for you.. i 'm here xxoo

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