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AMAZING PICTURES~! and i so know what that rejection feeling feels like. i'm glad that you're not letting it stop you. you have TALENT girl. go with it!~


i feel like that everytime i go out on a shoot, the pressure of someone paying me and me wondering if i am even able to take a photo, questioning my abilities and wanting to hide in bed and not do it and then having such an amazing time but finding myself paralyzed in fear afterwards that the photos didn't turn out and taking days before allowing myself to look at them. The actual photo taking is never as draining as all the fear. When I take photos I am at peace and always have so much fun but the other stuff drives me crazy. Maybe it comes from caring sooo much and that can only be a good thing I think.

you are an amazing photographer and these utterly fantastic and professional photos of your nephew blow me away ... so very talented and such a wonderful vision :)

kelly rae

well, these photos are simply professionally gorgeous. i know it's hard to do becasue we all want praise for our talents, but in the end, we have to roll it off and provide for ourselve what we need. you've got it, girlfriend. your photos are the best i've seen in a long, long, long time.


These are fantastic shots, just fantastic. You ARE a good photographer. Don't let one judge or one panel fill you with doubt, please. You have a gift to share with the world.


Wow, I am seriously in awe of your talent. I *wish* I could capture images the way you do.

You are amazing.



These photos are amazing, Michelle!!

I bet the ones you entered in the show were too. I know it hurt, but as you said - one judge on one given day. Different judge, or even same judge on a different day and the outcome might have been different. That's the gamble of a judged exhibit.


i commend you for getting out there and showing up. i wish i could show up--i am very shy about taking pics of people other than myself and family. i guess for me it feels like i need their permission to enter their space; as if their space is personal and private. that's my big dilemna with getting intimate behind the camera to shoot other people and capturing that special something about them. i think it's a good idea to start with those you know well. good on your nephew.

becoming amethyst

Firstly, the shots of your nephew are fabulous ~ handsome young fella and i love the way you've complimented him with such strong back ground colours ~ really bold and confident and you totally pull it off :)

As for the other, well, I can only liken it to when poetry submissions come winging their way back to me ~ and intellectually I know rejection (or at least non-selection) is part of the process and I'll THINK I'm fine with it, but then I'll find myself in a horrible funk for the rest of the week, my poetry seeming so utterly pointless. Sounds kind of familiar, huh?

I can only guess we are in the process of growing our 'professional artist' skins and one day our acceptances will equal (or outweigh?)our rejections, ahem, i mean non-selections. Until that day, eh? ;-)

For what it's worth, I think you are a fabulous photographer and wonderful, insightful writer, and I thank you for posting about this, Michelle, because it makes me realise I am not alone in my struggle for recognition. And we'll get it, right? ;-) xoxo


i think that the pictures
turned out beautiful,
i especially like the one
of where the skateboard is
the focus,
his stance is perfect...

what a cutie, too!

and i think your day will come. i think i will be
saying "i knew/read her


hey...are you writing about me?! why ohwhy do we
do this to ourselves? it is crazy this creative power that we posess. it can eat us alive it we allow it to. i love the skateboard pictures. i have a bunch of gabe sitting on my harddrive that clancy took. a couple with great angles too. iam going to print and frame them. hang inthere.
the great thing is that this will evolve over the years. always learning/always finding better ways.

wish studio

i love the one of the skateboard close-up and and you nephew all fuzzy and cool in the background. i totally understand what you are ging through. i feel that push-pull everyday. in my mind it is something like this..."why don't you just get a normal job, with less responsibility and no emotional attachment...but i can't bring myself to just go through the motions - i need passion!...but this is so hard and scarey and crazy and what if noone show up?...but how will you know unless you try?" here's a hug for you. chase that fear away! you are as good as you believe, and i think you are amazing! xo, mindy

p.s. i am sending out your journal tomorrow :)


I'd be honored to have you photograph my boys. You are an artist through and through.


i hear your struggle....i went back and found a post of mine from last may:

" we regret to tell you that your work is not among those selected for ............" it's a strange experience to absorb the news. over time i get that judging art is arbitrary --but i still have to go through the range of feelings (the jurors are crazy, blind, bias, political etc...) and i must admit tonights news of the email informing me is not too upseting. what i have learned is that i'm not taking it personally (wow that only took years) it just is the way it goes--i need to keep working.

that was then, and now the rejections can still put me through the motions.the need to keep working is the key! sounds like you are coming around to your personal acceptance(yay!)


that push-pull-push-pull is so hard to put away, especially when in the push mode. these photos of your nephew are terrific and a testimony to your talent girlfriend.


sweetie, eventually the pull will be so much stronger than the push. your talent needs to be out in the world - AND IT WILL BE. it is already - don't ever stop trying - we'll try together, okay? :-) xx

ps. that Spiderman cake is AMAZING!!


The fourth picture knocks my socks off. I really love it. I wish you were closer, I would love to have you take some pictures of me and the Kid!

Goddess of Leonie

holy smokes, those are BEAUTIFUL photos honey... they are just saturated with colour and light... DELICIOUS!!!



I love these photos - so different, a boy totally in his element, having a good time - any mama or relative would adore these, because it's so real and not posed and textbook. I'm glad you got your photo mojo back - and seriously, while it sucks to lose in a competition, just think of what you DO have - all of US, rooting for you and ready to run alongside you with water bottles, if necessary.


Really cool photos. You really caught a cool vibe with this kid.

We are our own worst critic. Keep moving ~ you are good. You are good enough.

I'm an artist and fellow artist/mentors have advised me not to enter juried events because they deliver such emotional setbacks. I think they are right. Surround yourself with positive light, positive supporters.

Not everyone will love or even like your work. There are just as many of us who do.

I for one feel really glad you posted this pics.



And..........Baker Skateboards should be paying you for these shots.


I think anyone of us who are creative and putting it out there are easily bruised and super sensitive to rejection. You are an amazing and thoughtful photographer who takes brilliant and thoughtful photographs. The world needs your vision. Keep pushing. xoxo


You SO spoke to my heart! I was just struggling with the exact same thing (and according to the comments... don't we all?) I'm so glad to have found your blog and you really do have an amazing "eye". The best thing my dad said to me when I had my first showing... and was so nervous that my work wasn't good enough.. was this: "Is it GOOD enough for YOU?... then that's all that matters!" Great advice! Keep clicking away, Michelle!


Amen! This brought both tears and a smile to my face (probably because I am feeling a bit pulled and pushed myself these days). These photographs are fabulous (including that color)

Why do we do this to ourselves? We are so full of passion and excitement and then we suppress it and go into our shells and...ugh. I hear you and as always, I applaud you.



LOVING your photos - you are an awesome photographer! :)


I studied photography as part of fine arts and worked for a fashion photographer for a year and I know magic when I see it. And you have the ability to capture magic.

These competitions are often looking for formal elements of composition which thousand of people can reproduce if taught to do so.

But the ability to capture the enchanted moment? That takes someone with poetry in her soul.

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