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Happy Easter Michelle!

It was cold in Massachusetts today, but no snow, thankfully. I raided the kids' easter baskets for chocolates tonight.



It was sunny and warm here... We took the kiddies to a big egg hunt our friends do every year (I mean BIG) and let them hunt for eggs there.... I am a terrible mommy though and did not even buy them easter baskets or anything. They used Halloween buckets to gather them in. And then today I did not have any special Easter gifts for them (BAD GEORGIA). Thank heavens for my mother in law who bought them all gift baskets.

Happy Easter.



What was it with this cold snap in Texas? we felt it down here too, I wore wintery clothes to church today which I was pleased about as I don't own an Easter outfit and usually look out of place with all the light pink dresses :)
It was a little warmer in the afternoon and Lily took off her sweater (see her pic on my photo a day blog http://apictureperday.blogspot.com/) but man it has been cold!!!! I am not surprised you got snow!
Love these photos, you are such a talented lady.

Rebecca Geach

We didnt have our easter hunt in the car park... but the dog did eat about 6 of them before the children got them!!

And it *did* rain at the Royal Easter Show!

Still fun.


not much better in middle indiana. cold, gray and muddy.but on a happy note. iam sitting here eating a sleeve of peeps as my midmorning snack! screw the banana.

happy monday!


Beautiful tulips. Delicious. I'm glad that you were able to create an egg hunt in a parking lot, though sorry you had to. We still have cold, grey and a bit of snow too. Hopefully spring will hop on over soon :)


Hope your Easter was good.

wish studio

hi michelle...it's been a while, but i've been reading your blog (one of the few) during my blogging hiatis. you always inspire me, make me smile, warm my heart, and on and on - so, thanks. it's good to be back in this creative world again! cheers to all the great things that are happening in your photo career...how wonderful! and i see you are coming my way this fall. we have to connect! i'd love you to teach a workshop or lead a creativity circle at my new studio while your in mass! seriously think about it. xo, mindy a.k.a. my pink sky

Sue Mannel

We had a great Easter. A little nippy, but none the less good!





i bought my dog an easter bunny which she's already pulled the nose off (only makes him more real), but she couldn't have any of my chocolate.


love easter, and love your pics...as always!




LOVE the tulips! We had a 'dusting' of snow in Dallas, but not enough to move the egg hunt to a car park.


The Easter bunny left me a nice peacful stress free day, what more could I ask for. Your's sounds a little chilly :)


these are really good macro shots!


It was cold...it is still pretty cold and flurries fell, but snow held off. Still--there was plenty of chocolate to go around! I have yellow tulips on my table and I'll look at them differently having seen your shots here!


Yes, it was cold here too. So we made a fire, and roasted peeps.


we were quite chilly on Easter, but these colors are gorgeous and fresh, and warm too.
thinking spring...


Oh goodness, not so springy there...but these photographs...they more than make up for it I think. These are absolutely stunning.

I hope that B had a wonderful Easter despite the terrible weather.



Your photos insprired me! i usually buy flowers for my shop but not for home. after seing yours, i had to have them near me...you showed me something new and beautiful. thank you!

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