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JanePoe (aka Deborah)

Your sister made that cake?? OMG! Beautiful! Between her baking skills and your beautiful photography, you both are amazing. Cheers & love, JP


What a gorgeous cake! And gorgeous pictures! A million happy birthdays to B! :)


YEAH! That is a cool cake! I would like a piece, but I'm in Bahrain.

Glad you all had fun though.


boho girl

GORGEOUS pictures, love...all of them.

how the heck did she do the round head for the cake? that takes talent, man....



these pics are beautiful! i've been missing your posts and sending happy thoughts and love to your family right now. we have that same spiderman costume, the one with the muscles and the blinking light spider.

wish studio

amazing cake...and your little spidey is pretty special himself :) glad it was fun. xo, mindy


That is a cake? It is absolutely AMAZING!!!! I'd better hide the pic from my boys cos it'll raise the bar for birthday cakes beyond what I can manage!!!

Looks like B. had a wonderful day ~ hope Mommy was looking after herself too :)

Sorry I've been quiet recently, honey, I've read your recent posts but haven't really been in a place to respond at the moment(crappy of me, I know). But I have been thinking of you.

Love xox


oh my gosh...that cake is something else. my best friends son loves spidey. i am going to send her this link so she can see it! looks like bdog had a great day


I'm impressed with that cake, seriously...and what delicious photos too!


the cake is out f this world fantastic!
your photos are superb, and i love that you took one with the foot measure thingy - bringing the camera everywhere is great.


your pictures of kids are so magical...

i wish you could come to my girl's party and snap all my favorite bean's faces so i could look at them forever.


Fabulous photos! And that Spider-Man cake is awesome! My son is a huge Spider-Man fan so he would love something like that.


YEs!!!! That cake is amazing!! I started drooling when I saw it, really Jack would flip out if he had a cake like that at his party, I need to take me a cake decorating class.


WOW, that cake is amazing. But equally are those lovely pictures, your portraits are really clear and colorful.


That cake is amazing - I love B's costume and the measuring of small tooties for new shoes - so cute.


I love your son's expression when looking at the cake! You have given him sweet memories indeed!


That is a super cool cake-and those pics-wholy cow mama. They are yummy.

My favorite is the close up of the blonde boy and then of the B dog with his foot out.

Love you


Happy belated b-day to your sweet B-dog. Mine turns four on May 5th.

Your photographs are gorgeous...stop questioning yourself sweet you...you ARE THAT TALENTED!!!!!


That cake!!! That costume! Looks like a blast.

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