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You are speaking to a fellow hermit here...Already cuddled into bed..at 5:30..ok..I'll get out to make dinner..but only cause I have to..

Have a great time at the show. Seeing your photo will be thrilling. The first time I entered a juried competition..I was overwhemed at how :professional" it looked hanging with the others. I'm so proud of you!


That sounds like a lovely evening! How wonderful to have your photo in the show!!! I'm cheering here (in case you haven't noticed :P)yay! And what a charming place to have dinner... My kind of ambiance, for sure! Have a fabulous time! xoxxo


I'm so proud of you for taking that step and showing your work. I know all the insecurities involved with that!

Staying home is my favorite too - a movie, pizza, aglass of wine makes my Saturday evening perfect.


okay, i checked out the bohemian restaurant link, and DROOL. simply DROOOOOOL. i hope you have a wonderful wonderful evening, and congratulations on the show - (it sounds so lovely and romantic, this special night) and thank god for no heels. seriously. thank god.

can you post the pic that was shown?


:) how wonderful, enjoy the show ... seeing your own work up is such a wonderful feeling ...

that restaurant looks absolutely scrumptious ~ have a wonderful time ...

i'm enjoying a weekend of hermit because i don't get to do it as often as i like ...

and i'm with bee, can we see the pic that is being shown please :)


i dig this picture!
i am a hermit too. i get so sick of being on the go. but last nite we went to a fundraiser for a friend running for city council. it was in a loft.
very cool.

congrats on the show. keep it up!
happy easter.


I am excited for you (can you tell).
This is big and definitely worth celebrating. Have a great time and take a moment to breathe and hug yourself and say 'good job'.


the colors in this pic are amazing, they are just popping off the screen!
congrats!! :)


congratulations and have a wonderful evening!


Congratulations...both on the photo being chosen for the show and also for de-hermiting yourself for the evening. It's good when we stretch.

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

Wishing you and your family a happy and blessed Easter


Congratulations! I'm so glad you took this first step. What a thrill to see your photography shown.

Sue Mannel

Do you have a picture of the one that was in the art show?



Gorgeous photo and I hope you both had an excellent time. I'm so jealous of the close promixity to relatives and dropping off your boy - enjoy!


this sounds like so much fun!
and how cool that you
will have a picture included...
yay you!!


sounds like an evening full of possibilities...and how wonderful that you made it happen!love the photo ,the idea of being together, and that fine looking restaurant.life is good.

liz elayne

that is fantastic! i can't wait to hear all the details...
so glad you decided to spend a night out of the house (something i never do either...but did last night and it was great) AND that you felt brave enough to submit a photo for the show!!
cheers to being brave!


How wonderful--and I have to say, I'm not surprised at all that your teacher would suggest a show. I've watched your photos get more and more amazing. That one, below, with the dandilion is my new favorite.

Ps. I'm tagging you with a Thinking Blogger Award! xo, C


I hope you had a marvelous time! That restaurant looks oh so yummy...and a million YAYS for your photograph being shown. Your talent is obviously becoming evident to the rest of the world, and I couldn't be happier for you. :)


Hope you had a wonderful night out, and congratulations on the show! You certainly deserve it!


How wonderful for you. Stand with your shoulders back and be proud of those photos you take. WE love them !!!
And I'm proud of you for getting out of the house...especially at night.
I'm also a hermit and we rarely go out in the evening either...it's just not my thing to do, especially in the winter. Summer does bring a new sense of renewal though and then we love to find places to eat with outdoor seating.


Wonderful! Congratulations on participating in a show. And I hope you both had a beautiful night out.

I love this picture too - the colours and shapes are superb.


i'm so proud of you for participating in a show---what a bold step. good for you! hope you enjoyed your date!


i'm so excited for you to be recognized for your amazingness... which photo did you put in? congrats!


Oh, I hope the date was wonderful!!

Your tulip portraits and self-portrait before and after this post are wonderful too.

(Sorry to dump all the comments in one place...playing catch-up after being out of town.)

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