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"Sometimes our fantasies are just what we need to help us see clearly." I love that! I love this whole post and I LOVE both Don Juan De Marco AND Pan's Labyrinth, which I actually just saw today in the theatre. It was so beautifully rendered, wasn't it? I was wondering too while you have this snowy weather if you know about Mirrormask. I bet you would like that too!


Hey, Alexandra just quoted back the exact same line that I was going to. A stunning little insight in a beautiful post.

I am loving this fantasy prompt, I haven't had a minute to write anything myself but reaidng what others have written is my own equivalent of the movie on the couch under the afghan.

Also, as soon as I get to go on RnR I'm going to a cinema to watch Pan's Labyrinth...

liz elayne

ahh yes dear girl. don juan de marco is one of my favorite movies of all time. i can hum along with the entire movie and recite most of the lines. i love it...

the last line is one of my favorites last lines ever...

in fact, i think i will watch it tomorrow... (did you know i was watching it when i created your flags?)


Sometimes I read your posts and I can't find any words, but I want to respond so badly because my emotions have been pricked in such a strong way. I could honestly read this post over and over.... it just makes me feel good inside. I have always been a fantasizer, ever since I was a tiny girl... dancing and acting in my room when no one was watching. Scared what they would think if they knew. But just in the past few months, I've been exploring this.... and I've come to realize the importance of fantasy. And your post brings my thoughts to life. Not only does fantasy make our dreams come true in a sense, meeting needs not met in real life, but as adults it allows us to imagine what COULD BE.... what is possible. And I am thankful for that vision. Often the fantasies in my head are what give me hope. Thank you for giving me a good feeling inside this morning.

Regina Clare Jane

I have heard so much about Pan- it's playing at our local theatre so I think this weekend I know what I will be doing...
And I agree wholeheartedy with your last paragraph- we need to have fantasies in our lives- why else would we have imaginations then?
Thanks for the beautiful snowy picture as well!


It's been a long time since I've seen Don Juan de Marco. I love when he reaches across to her hand on the table.

I love his words about everything being a matter of perspective (an extended view of the glass being half full). I think fantasy is a very healthy thing.


Mmm, love it!!!

I just told my husband that he HAS to take me to see Pan's Labrynth. It looks fantastic.



I saw Don Juan de Marco at the movies so many years ago and I loved it!

make me want to watch it again...


Ooh, the line that Alexandra quoted gave me shivers too - you are a wonderful wordsmith - you are able to capture the essence of what you want to say so brilliantly - sigh!

Love you sweet girl!


sounds like i need to get these movies out.:)


Thank you for your post. It actually helped put a few things in perspective. :)

Alex aka Gypsy Girl

"Our fantasies, our day dreams, our night dreams, can be the safe place for these pieces of ourselves to move and breathe until we are ready to incorporate them into more of our life." I love the thought of letting my dreams breathe... through my fantasies. Thank you, Michelle!


Everything about this post is hopeful and inspiring. I agree that fantasies and creativity are our nature. Thanks for the movie recommendation. I've seen the Don Juan movie, but not the Pan movie yet. It's on my list.

gautami tripathy

Sometimes fantasy is needed to know the reality. I feel this a great piece.


oh...a day in with the movies. i wanna come play!

happy wednesday chickie!
hang in the b-dog!

Crafty Green Poet

I enjoyed Pan's labyrinth too! I don't read or watch much fantasy either, just what leaps out for looking particularly interesting. I agree with you that fantasy can help us see things more clearly, perhaps because it takes our everyday situations and presents them back to us in a fresh light.

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