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oh YUMMY!!!

liz elayne

oh these are delicious.

we should read thirst together (my mom got it for me for christmas). it would be fun to talk about the poems together my friend.

(so glad you bought the stafford poems. he is...well, you know how i feel about him...)


Oh how I love getting a box of books delivered to my doorstep!! Enjoy!

Sarah e. Smith

Fruitflesh is a fabulous book. I've had this one in my library for awhile and go back to read it over and over...you'll love it.


Nothing like a box full of juicy books landing at your door! You're going to love Fruitflesh. I don't know how many times I read it... And yes, my copy has the luscious pomegranate cover :-) Happy reading, and writing!


I am drooling over your picture...so much nourishment for you to enjoy.


wow...looks rather tasty!
i bought over 20 books last year. not to mention
all the designer mags. i have yet to sit down and really drink them in. ugh -
where is all my time going?

happy reading....


The Fruitflesh book looks really intriguing - I'm going to have to check that one out! Fruit seems to be my creative theme so far this year - it keeps popping up in poems and pictures I'm drawn to - so I think it's going to be a very juicy year. :)


tee hee - the Mary Oliver and Denise Levertov are two of the books i bought in Seattle :-) and i've just this minute ordered Fruitflesh on your (and delia's) recommendation. i LOVe books!! xo

Regina Clare Jane

Oh, I do so love those pictures! Books- and lots of them! I am so envious! Happy reading!


If it were me, I'd be dipping into several simultaneously! ;-)


Sigh! I've been book cut off for a little while (but I amy have slipped and ordered a few to be there when I get back...) I'm addicted. Can wait to hear what you think!

P.S. I tried to call you today but I only got dead air - will try again maybe monday! xoox


New books are exhilarating!


new books, that's so awesome. enjoy reading them!
i'm addicted to books, too. whenever i enter a bookstore i don't leave without actually buying one. today i even bought two. :)


I think that there nothing better than a stack of fresh books! It always makes me giddy. Enjoy them and the quiet solitude that have while reading them!!!



this is awesome!
i'm so envious
and can't wait to
hear all about them!


I have a plan. I am a book pimp, a book afficionado, a book menu designer....

Take one mango frappe.

Dip your toes into one Joy-full poem.

Sip frappe, then wiggle toes in sun.

Smell the front page of Fruitflesh. Write an Acrostic poem with the word Fruitflesh.

Dive headfirst into a lush color Sabrina rapture.

Peel some persimmons as you thoughtfully meditate on splendor of Stafford.

Swig the rest of your mango frappe down while singing the words out of the Mary Oliver book.

Dance in the living room with Denise.

Then gather all your books, fling them on your bed, and nap on them.

In the name of the Book God,

*big grin*

love and light


fruitflesh...i love the title of that book, i've never heard of it before. i just want to bite into it! LOL. thank you, michelle - i'll totally look that one up.

happy new year!

love squalor

looks like heaven to me! enjoy. and happy new year to you!

gayle brandeis

Wow--what a treat to discover a picture of my book on your page (I found it through Google Alert). Thanks to all of you for your kind words about Fruitflesh--I am so delighted that some of you have already jumped in to the book and that others of you are intrigued by the title. I hope it will unleash some juicy writing for all of you!

Thanks for making my day!


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