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That is such a beautiful photo. My boyfriend is from Mexico and noticed that the candles in the background had Mexican references on them. He is curious if you belive in the virgen of guadalupe or if that you just took the photo because of it's beauty. I wanted to e-mail you this question but my computer would not allow me to access your e-mail address.

liz elayne

oh my friend, i felt so good after we hung up. i talked jon's ear off. then something shifted and i wasn't feeling the happy...but then i came here and read your words...and i am reminded what it is all about.

it is hard sometimes... the work to uncover this life...but we are doing it. we are doing it.

bless you dear friend. (yes, i can feel it too.)


yes yes yes. as women we can do and be whatever we want - we can curse and swear and revel in the sheer bloody *glory* of being alive. we can dance and sing and flirt and taking fabulous photos....we can run the country (umm, maggie thatcher? okay, maybe not a great example, but fucking hell - she *did* run the country!)

i love you sweet cheeks, and am SO proud of you and the leaps and pirouettes forward you are making on your journey xoxox



so energizing
and uplifting
and exciting!

and right,
so right.


You know, I bet Nancy Pelosi would really appreciate an encouraging email from time to time - you should do it!

I didn't really stop to think about the implications of our first ever woman Speaker of the House - I just hope and pray she keeps her nose clean and makes us proud! And we're proud of her now. And yes, when we women break out and do something different and new, have the courage to pursue our creative dreams and deepest ambitions, it's a gift to other women, it's our legacy.

Regina Clare Jane

What I love so much about blogging is connecting to other women who not only inspire me but mirror me- it's good to know I am not the only one who feels this way or that way.
Yay for all of us- it's time, finally...


I agree. With everything. We are women, hear us roar!


I have been reading your posts this week like my nerves were on the outside of my skin--your words resonating that hard. (Yes, THAT hard.) I actually bawled at the front page of the
newspaper and glued her image into my journal. I don't know if Pelosi will ultimately be a great disappointment like so many political leaders are. But, YES--you are right about the symbolism, SPEAKER of the house...when once there was no vote, no voice. Thank you for sharing all that you do here in your blog. I am working my way towards this fearlessness.


Awesome, inspiring post!! Thanks!



Franca Bollo

Greetings from San Francisco! I just wanted to comment regarding Nancy Pelosi and her ascent to Speaker of the House. I am proud of her and feel a connection on several levels: San Franciscan, liberal (is there such a thing as a conservative San Franciscan?), female, Italian-American, Catholic (though I no longer practice). It's such a positive step amidst the many, many missteps this country has taken of late. Thanks for the support of our girl!

love squalor

yes yes yes!


what you've said is so true! amen to all of it.

Novel Nymph

Difficult to type this with a tremor under my feet--I feel it too!:)


I have felt that way about Nancy since I found out she was going to be speaker. I felt a slight shift in the universe. When I shared my excitement with my husband- he just looked at me blankly. He didn't get it.
All he could think of is man or woman- its still a democrat. (He's a republican and just isn't happy that republicans are in control of that branch.)
Since I am liberal- election time can be very interesting in our household.

He did however express that he would have been happy with Elizabeth Dole as speaker.

But - not being a woman- he just didn't get IT.

So thank you for sharing my excitement!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Alex aka Gypsy Girl

Thanks for this post, Michelle. I am just beginning my own journey towards opening up, moving a bit, breaking up from the inertia and finally sharing and exposing myself and my desire to grow. It is an incredible process and I really owe it to this community created by amazingly brave women like you. It is really exciting and a true revolution to unite all of our hearts, that are so full of emotion and potential. Thank you again! Let's celebrate!


One thing that doesn't seem to get mentioned when discussing women getting the vote is when women were finally allowed to serve on juries. I had to ponder that in college when writing an essay on Susan Glaspell's "A Jury of Her Peers" (full text at http://www.learner.org/exhibits/literature/story/fulltext.html) and it really struck me, similarly to the way a woman being Speaker has struck you. How could a woman get a fair trial when women couldn't be on juries? How could I as a child have assumed that women are and always have been equals? It's just something massive and staggering to think about.


Amen to that.


I'm taking a step back from politics lately - there's just no room in my brain to process the intricacies of the political world, but I'm so proud and amazed that a woman has finally made it to a position of such power in U.S. politics. This is truly a huge, important moment in our history. So, yes, I've been glued to the news, stunned by the step we've just taken and how truly big this is.


Great post. I appreciate the way you gave significance to all of this. It is so easy to miss the fact that as a united force we are thriving... I am eager to see how Nacy Pelosi does. My mom had lunch with her once many, many years ago... Small world huh?


Thanks :) I am so glad I cam by your blog today, I had a feeling I should!!!!!

You never fail to inspire me, today I even got goose skin... I have so many things I need to do with my life and hav not yet begun... This year is the time to start.



Oh baby-the table my computer sits on seemed to vibrate beneath these powerful messages. I too feel a sense of woman pride about Nancy Pelosi.

And I am pulling out from beneath the rock I have been under to visit a few people I love....next I will check out Liz's poem:)


i am very, very glad Hel turned me on to your spot. and this post.


At work, our male history teacher sent me an email saying what a fabulous day it was when Pelosi was sworn in. Since she represents San Francisco, the Chronicle had a huge spread on the front page. But it just occurred to me as I read your post that I haven't felt in awe of her rising to that position...because I EXPECT it. Maybe it comes from being of a certain age...being among those who in the early 70's pushed so hard the idea that women should be treated equally. And I live in a state that already has two powerful female Senators. So, yes, we're thrilled out here that Nancy's leading the house...but for some of us, we just figure that it's about damn time. :)

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