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michelle, what an incredible list(and undertaking to record) i smile as i nod my head as i remember some of the incidences as they occurred and were shared. thanks for the reminder that all the little happenings combined add up to a wonderful life! btw, i can't shake that fantastic image of your reflection in a room with candles and the word fullness- lovely.


It's a wonderful list, Michelle!


Michelle, this list is so beautiful! Such a lovely way to start my Saturday morning. Thanks for sharing it with us!


What a way to reflect. Thank you.

JanePoe (aka Deborah)

What a wonderful list of gratitude!! I hope your 2007 year is filled with even more :)
Much peace & love, JP


i love this post, michelle. i just love what you're grateful for. you inspire me, always....


this is a fantastic list...


wow - amazing! love this.


Oh my goodness! What a list. what an awesome project. what a great snapshot of your life. And I love the photo too!


Wow, that is a long list of things to be greatful for. I haven't read through it, but I can't wait to. It's a blessing to have that many things to be thankful for. I saw Captain Jack right at the end as I scrolled down. I'm thankful for him too. He's my new favorite fictional hero. Good-bye 2006!


I loved your list here--as I loved Liz's also! The time it takes to actually write a list like this is really worth it when you get to look at a year in the life in such a unique way. What a year you had, Mama!!! Cannot wait to see what you do next...


wow! that's quite a list you've got going there Michelle. Congratulations on all the great stuff you've experienced in 2006 - and for taking the time to list that 'first nasty comment and the opportunity it offered to really look at the way it affected me ' - good on you :-)



Thanks for the hat tip! I'm tipping my hat back at you, big time! You're a loving and creative presence up here!


Your list is inspirational:)


...and there's reason to believe maybe this year will be better than the last...

What a great list! It's a beautiful year in review. Maybe I can find the reserves somewhere in me to do something similar.


Great list. What a wonderful way to remember the year.


This list is fantastic...and most impressive! :-) This just proves to all of us that despite life's ups and downs, there are truely many many things to be grateful for in our lives. Thank you for sharing your many special moments with us and for reminding me of all the good in life.



this list is fabulous. i love it. thanks for sharing. and yes, thank god, as always for salma...

Novel Nymph

This is an awesome list!


What an excellent year indeed. So much to celebrate! And much more to come. Our struggles can seem so overwhelming, but truly our blessings outnumber them, everytime. And you know I always think of you when I see Salma - and then last night I stayed up too late watching The English Patient, and there was Juliette Binoche, and you came to mind - I know how much you love her in Chocolat.


i love the idea of lists and i love the idea of goodbyes (in a good way) so this list is delightful!

tongue in cheek


liz elayne

so much goodness here (i saved this post in bloglines so i could just keep reading it over and over)...
imagine what 2007 will bring.

i adore you.


Oh darling this list is divine-I bet you felt spectacular when you were done making it!

I miss you sweetie.

Love you


I followed your "winged messenger" link.... SO inspired by a quote you wrote there that I linked to it on my own blog. It was like God placed your words before my eyes today... just what I needed to hear. Spoke to my heart. Thank you.

Just finished reading the rest of the list. Are you kidding me? Amazing.

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