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Michelle, this is deeply beautiful and moving. I could feel it. Thank you for such a sweet gift late this Sunday night.

xoxoxoxo to you....

P.S. I love your new profile photo...so lovely are you.


Thank you, it is beautiful. And the new profile photo is lovely.


i think this is my favorite thing that you've written. absolutely gorgeous...


just beautiful...nel


i especially like
the part of the crickets
trading places
with the butterflies,
like shift workers...

great writing!


Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.


I saw the image and fell for it right away--something about the texture of it was just perfect to me. Then, I read your words...(sigh)I loved the images in the beginning, but those last two stanzas just cracked me open. Thank you for sharing this one.

Jennifer (she said)

I settle lightly into the shadows of myself. I am in the shadows right now. I am trying to spread a little light and understanding around there - maybe pull these pieces of myself up to consider and flip. I love your writing. I love the way you move within it. You're thoughtful and you cover so much ground.


I Love all the colors (on the previous post)! I bought a box of those unbrellas at a dollar store just for Ethan and Maggie to play with. Seeing them again makes me want to get them out, take them apart and use them in a collage.
For some reason I could not post my comment on the previous post.


Oh, very nice, Michelle. And beautifully paired with that photo.

tongue in cheek

surrendering to peace that the evening brings.


Absolutely gorgeous!


I felt these words wrap around my heart. Beautiful.


Great photo--it seems to be a metaphor without words.
I like the last stanza of your poem. Very nice.


Hmmm what a poet and photographer you are my love.


the clouds stagger to the earth in a
fit of fire that even the stars hesitate
to put out.

that's beautiful.


This is beautiful, I love the last stanza, and the image of the clouds staggering to earth in a fit of fire is also beautiful


simple beautiful. any other words are inadequate.

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