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Ali la Loca

What a sweet and empowering story! I like to think that you wrote this because you are your own hero as well. I certainly try to be my own hero, in the dual sense that I don't want to wait around to be "rescued" by someone else and that I also strive to live my life in a full way according to my principles.

What a great take on the prompt.


Thank you, your story makes a lot of sense today. I have been returning to the bramble bush a lot lately.


What a great reminder for us all.


a hearty - and heart-felt - amen to that! xo


I love that the girl had freckles on her arm. ;) Great post. It's so hard to resist saying, "If only I'd known then..." But reaching the realization that we can each be our own shero wouldn't feel nearly so sweet if we hadn't had to remove all those thorns by ourselves.


This story speaks volumes...I let my daughter read it, too. Watching her wise little face break into a smile just as mine did when morning came for the little girl was wonderful. Thank you.


michelle-how nice to sit with my morning coffee and know i could come here and read something that helps me see the world a little wiser. this is a routine i miss when away. i love a hero, and love it when i recognize my own.


this was wonderfully done...
you should be proud!


this story enchanted me, and struck a gently poignant chord. my own tale became truly mine once i stopped believing in princes charming and endings happy, and started believing in (simply) me.
thank you!

my pink sky

what a rerfeshing take on this prompt...yes, we all need to be able to save ourselves, but more importantly, believe that we have the power to do so!


You are an amazingly talented story teller. Yes, with time and a change in perpective comes wisdom...and this is the best kind of wisdom. Oh, how I needed this wisdom this morning.

Thank you sweet Michelle.



OH... I LOVE IT. Thank you!!


These could be fairy tales for grownups - I can just picture this little girl on a page - what a fabulous take on "Hero." Sometimes we have to be our heros, definitely.

tongue in cheek



Love it! You are a hero to me. Thanks for all you bring here.


that is beautiful...

SUPERhero inside us all :)


What a beautiful fairy tale, the kind that holds the wisdom of the ages, the wisdom we know in our hearts and sometimes forget.

I still remember that moment in my life when I had the same realization as the girl in your story. There are still times when it makes me sad, but many more when it makes me confident.


You are a very strong story teller. I liked the birds. Noticing the small things.Being able to use the tools we have. A very good thing to remember.


No words...just thank you. Nel


I love it when you tell stories. This was beautiful.


Being your own hero. Wow great message. I will hold it close to my heart this Thanksgiving-as knowing you better has given me a broader view of what this means.

Loving you


So important! Again, I can think of girls I would love to pass this on to... Wouldn't it be great if we could get young girls to know this is true, before a world of heartbreak is lived? How would that change the world, if girls could grow into women knowing this truth early on? I think A LOT.
Always a treat to read your stories.;)


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