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Those roses took my breath away...and then you added to the perfect picture with your beautiful words. A true artist...Nel


Art sounds better than driving any day. I like this perspective.


I love your words here and I agree, to be the artist and not the driver (especially when that driver is me!) is something worth being.


what a wonderful way
of looking at life...

my pink sky

yes. perfectly stated. an artist you are...xo


When it comes down to it, you've expressed my heart so perfectly - to create, rather than to control. There's the mystery in creativity, the not-knowing, and the buzz of catching what you're trying to express and getting it down. I love this, Michelle!


I was thinking along similar lines with this prompt...when I am driving too hard I miss out on the scenery. I try to control things too much. It works SO much better for me when I just go with things every now and then. An artist of life? Yes...I like that even more. You are well on your way here...


I think that is a very wise decision, and one you won't regret.

I've loved what you have had to say over the past week or so. It's beautiful to see your wings spread open. Thank you for sharing your insights...

R's Musings

A thought-provoking post. I like "There is no right way and there aren't any rules." and the very last line "You just keep painting until you finally step back and notice you're finished." So true. When you're finished, you know it.

angela marie

I love this! Mistakes can become masterpieces, detours can lead to new perspectives, getting lost is part of the process! I had to laugh, my daughter is ALWAYS telling me to watch the road! I am busy looking at the scenery.


Very cool Michelle. The artist often follows their own path. I loved this.


I didn't do this prompt. I thought about it but couldn't articulate what I was feeling. But you did.

You are a beautiful artist Michelle.

a m y

I'll be paintin' right along side you...this is gorgeous!


"the important acty of showing up and making the first move." This is where I am Michelle.

Thank you for the encouragement in such beautiful metaphors and words.

Gorgeous you


beautifully said my dear!


Oh Michelle, I had to weep a bit on this one. My gosh, you have a way with words...so eloquent, so beautifully descriptive. My tears come from your message though. This is something I so struggle with...learning to give up control...learning to let the pieces fall where they are supposed to be.

I am learning that trying to take too much control causes undue pain in the process.




I always love to hear your perspective on things and this is no exception - just lovely! Beautiful photo too.


Amen to that, my love :-) xo


Beautiful roses. This is a beautiful way to view a life.


Sweetheart, you just wrote yourself a manifesto. Suggest you add it to your sidebar as a permanent link. xoxo


wonderful! wonderful!


I love this entry...so poetic and true and profound and full of light. Exactly what I needed this morning.

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