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a very worthy fairy tale.


A very lovely story.


a wonderful tale.


we should all be so brave as the masked girl!

I won't forget this tale!

C. Delia

Though I've read your bedtime story in the morning not too long after waking, it is still filled with midnight magic...I am sending my Petunia by to read it!


That's a beautiful story, Michelle!


Sometimes I rush when reading a longer post. I am glad I took my time with this one. I love the image of silver shimmer and glow.

You radiate!


That's enchanting...I assume you wrote this?

Have it illustrated and published, it's a perfect fairy tale...


You should try to have this published. I would read this my daughter, and talk with her about her "shimmer self"... Beautiful!



Truly beautiful and so well written. And the message? Exactly what we all need to hear, whether "we" are adults or children. What a lovely surprise this Monday morning.

You amaze!!!! xoxoxoxo


Oh, Michelle...I loved this SOOOO much. This is, like, perfect. I want you to know that I plan on keeping this and reading it to my own Madam someday.


I very much liked your story, and the "silver shimmer" reminded me of something I wrote years ago about "a silver sparkle shines". I have included it below for your amusement.

It's really just non-sensical stream of thought.

Noah built his faithful ark
beneath the stare of a saddened sun,
day and night he talked to the animals,
until the job was done.
The cloud-ladies stood and lowered their skirts
while the cold steel rain covered the earth,
night sounds drowned by the flood of tears,
daylight banished beyond the seas.
Saw-cut stiletto,a burning, piercing thrust,
turn the green-back over,
and ponder In God We Trust,
but the Gods have all gone to bed,
to sleep away this dream,
a thin man smokes a stubborn cigarette,
a fat man sips wild-cat cream.
Apple-tart Grannies stand aside,
and twist their tattle-tale tongues,
Peter Pecker piped his past before the populace,
packed a punch like a powdered peach,
and pondered the passing present.
My once stagnant mind teems with thoughts
that lay themselves down in these squiggles,
in the distance a pirate prances,
to a drunken maiden's giggles.
A stubborn stance stands and slavers over
salty sardine salads.
Dry day sun drips heat onto my head,
and hastens me to shade.
There I slumber, stuttering and spluttering
as a dance of dreams whirls before my drifting eyes.
The last thing I saw before I left this world shall remain an untold secret.
A rope-dangle head-dress hangs in the house,
haunting the hero's habits - swaying like a drunken Seal on
the last night of his shore leave.
Pickled peppers packaged in plastic,
piled in perfect pyramids,
drum head cigarette.

I must share my last thought -
eucalyptus eider-down,
we weave our way of wanting,
shrouded by fear,
away inside,
a silver sparkle shines,
coming in the night to steal the soles of our walking,
and leaving bare-foot messages...

And I, adrift


Lovely story Michelle and I agree with Amber, you should submit this one.


i love the imagery and symbolism of this story... and how beautifully your photo illustrates it too! a reminder for finding ways to grow past our imagined limitations.


Beautiful story! Thanks for sharing!


Ahhh sweet one. What a beautiful tale. I see you-the shimmer and the scars and I love you.

With your permission I will print this and read it to the daughter I will some day have. Heck I will read it to my darling boy too.

Your tale is a special one.

Thank you for taking off the mask.



Absolutely beautiful! You are one talented woman, my friend!

my pink sky

what a magiaclly beautiful tale...and if i could buy this book, i'd run right out and get it! what a tresure.


oh honey...you need to have this published. i too will read it to my little girl.

brilliant writer ~ YOU.



This is a gorgeous fairy tale. I could see it all happening as I read and felt myself sink into the truth of it.


This is a beautiful bedtime story. Thank you for 'pulling me into the river' and sharing this shimmering magical mythical tale of yours.


Michelle, I'm so pleased that Amber directed me back to this masterpiece which I had overlooked.

I love the whole story (no pun intended) and especially the reunion of the conscious injured and masked with the unconscious still beautiful and shimmering self. And I love how they both reach and communicate through the surface of the water to come together.

I believe this is a profoundly important story, no matter what else you intend to do with it.

As you can see, I hope, it is already working its magic in the world.


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