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yes...cut those strings baby and fly free.

i adore you. i get you.



Amen, sister!
I don't regret much in my life, but I *do* regret time wasted trying to "be good" for others. Why can't we be admonished to be kind or be smart or be real instead? Lovely post. And that photo is awesome!


your words have stopped me in my tracks. mostly because they make my secret heart feel exposed, because you have posted words that i have been fighting not to scream at the top of my lungs. your courage and ability to articulate and clarify these feelings and reasons feels like a beckon to me to come out of hiding. i hope to one day be as far down my own journey as you so remarkably seem to be on your own. i appreciate you letting me in on glimpses of yours. i wish for you the ability to "be good... to yourself".


Reading your blog has made me a better parent.

Through blogging I am so much more aware of the language I use to speak to my children.

So many times people (relatives) say...
Tell your children to stop screaming. But if we are running outside playing and laughing, why can't they scream in delight? and if they should not scream in delight amongst the wind and trees, where can they be free?

I often don't say anything because I want to seem like a good Mother...but I believe in all my heart that children and (all of us) need to be seen And Heard.

Thank you always for your beautiful prose and reminders.

tongue in cheek

I think your writing deserves a prize! Perfect post for Sunday Scribblings!
Your last paragraph was flawlessly good!!

R's Musings

We cannot know who we are until we shed those worn out beliefs handed to us, questioned every value that we hold. You articulate the struggle of self-discovery very, very well.

C. Delia

Tears in my eyes...a cliche, maybe--but, certainly true for me as I read along here--the screen all blurry with what my mind did with your words. Thank you sincerely...

my pink sky

refreshing, honest and beautifully put.


a lot of what you say
hits close to home for me
as well...

beatuifully put.


It feels good to finally walk in the sunshine, free of the dark clouds of "shoulds." It is wonderful to see you blossoming and spreading your wings.


True goodness in one's life comes from truly knowing who YOU are and what makes YOU happy. I believe that if we do not embrace these things, we can not be "good" to ourselves or anyone near to us. It took me a very long time to realize this, as I, like you, and like most, spend a very long time being good according to everyone else's definitions

Your exploration of this was beautiful. I admire your thoughtfulness and honesty, and I am happy that you are reaching that place in your life where you are defining your goodness.


This is incredibly powerful. I mean it, incredibly, deeply powerful. It is manifesto kind of powerful. Michelle, you are so good than you go beyond that - I am so happy that you've cut some strings and embraced your freedom. Twirl those skirts, laugh as much as you can and as loud as you want. I'll put on some Aretha and we'll dance up a storm!


I think this may be the best thing you have ever written and you have written some great posts... I felt like you were reading my mind.

Thanks for this.


I regret a few things in my life. Such regrets I take in stride and know that what has been done can't be fixed or nonetheless resurrected. Nor would I ever want to. thank you for being there for me these last few weeks. I am loving the pic, makes me feel so at home.


Wow. If we were in person, I would throw my arms around you right now, with my tears still flowing down my cheeks and hug you. For you, and the ways you've grown and changed and learned the real definition of "being good". And for me, because this describes me, too. Thank you for articulating so clearly what this feels like. You've left me speechless. I am printing this out.



oh my goodness, michelle...

i can only echo what others before have said. i CANNOT put into words how incredibly moving i found this post...how much it seems to express parts of everyone's journey, to fully own themselves, and yet remains such a powerful, achingly beautiful testimony to your own experience.

have i thanked you for writing this? thank you. i am so thunderstruck - here's to you finally colouring the sky red, drawing your own boundaries, singing off-key, being the wonderful, multi-faceted goddess that you always have been.

you are enabling others to do the same, just by being yourself. what an amazing gift.

thank you.


Such power in these words. Being good is a loaded concept. I applaud your way of exposing yourself and us all.


This post brings up a LOT of feelings (and familiarity) for me. "I created my own personal sanctuary so others wouldn't shame me"...that's what I still do today...every day. I can't seem to find a place or people in 'real' life (outside of our home) that make me feel safe enough to feel like I don't have to do that. I get glimpses of that safety within some of my blogging relationships. I only wish I could find it in the flesh. Because without safety (for me), all the casting-off freedom is lost...when I still feel compelled to don my armor when I head out the door.


This is the best post I have read about this topic, for sure. You are brave and being so honest and strong. I think your words will speak for so many. I know it.
Before staying home, I worked for many years with child victims of abuse. I hate that so many children have been shamed into silence with these words! I hate that they then carry that notion of self around for the rest of their lives. That they think their "goodness" is tarnished. That they wear their "goodness" like armor. I want them to scream and shout and tramp through the quiet house, until they are noticed!
Thank you for this post. Your writing touches me today...


such a wonderful post, michelle. you speak for a lot of us with this one.
your words are such a gift. you have NO. IDEA.


Wow. Just wow. This is an amazing piece of writing.



your awareness and relections are inspiring. may you continue to use your voice to help us understand and accept ourselves.

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