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Michelle, this is so absolutely beautiful. I avoided Sunday Scribblings today because I couldn't think of a way that I could use the topic creatively. You have done all that and more. And maybe it's because I'm stressed, confused about so many things in life, lonely, and on my period, but this struck such a chord with me tonight. Thank you for warm salty tears and words that make me melt.


A magical phrase, that - "I wonder."

(I recognized you in every word...)

Right Brained Gal

I especially needed to hear "I wonder if she fights her fears in order to stay present and if she knows she's bigger than all her fears." Touché.


as always, sweet friend, we are kindreds... i look forward to glowing together one day ... :-) x


I believe all those wondering questions reflect something beautiful in you.


You've got a gift my friend. This was beautiful and I love the images you chose as well.


Does she know she is beautiful?

C. Delia

I said, "Yes!" out loud as I was reading...you had me all the way through this post. Since I have been writing so much on my own lately about the magic of the personal story, unearthing the "archeology" behind who we ALL are--your reflection drove the power of that home. Delicious writing here...


and i wonder if she knows how her reflections gift those who watch her at a distance....


I could see this was you from the beginning. You are all these things and so much more. I'd try to tell you, but my words would pale next to the moving description you have given us here.

I hope you see all of what you've described and believe it. You are a treasure.


Yes, a thousand times yes. You are so full of light, love, talent, possibility. This is so beautifully expressed, from every angle.


I love this. I love the mystery there, the possibilities and the beauty of it all.


I love, love, LOVE this! (I, too, observed myself...but honestly, I don't think most got that.) ;)

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