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Love this post. The parallels you built between the vignettes are brilliant.

It takes courage to peel into yourself, and you surely have that.


3 times delighted!



As always, such gorgeous writing. You always go deeply into the perfect image--wonderful layers of metaphor and language and just gah, gorgeous writing!

I repeat myself.

Just keep doing whatever it is you are doing. I'll always be here to soak it up with glee.



Oh how I love this Michelled. Each section is like a layer of skin, I just loved this!


Good post! I particularly liked your words: "Life is like that--joy, happiness, growth, all things we claim to be good and beautiful, then the wipe out." We just need to pull ourselves up and get on that board again.


Oh the skinned knee of life. I miss my girls skinned knees. They are of the age where they hide their hurts from me. I am no longer magic. I am human. Enjoy your days of childhood. Very good pc.


Brown eyes are the best - I confess to loving my own VERY MUCH. My mother used to tell me that she got them from a brown eye tree.

Such wonderful, alive writing - from the orange to the skinned knee to you and your precious freckled face. Where you say, "I need to be with her." Yes you do. Feed yourself, with sacred, holy oranges, and know yourself. What a gift to give to yourself, to those who love you.


This is beautiful and amazing and so sweetly reflective. I enjoyed reading it like a book you wish just wouldn't end.


you have really outdone
yourself on this one!
this was perfect...
the circular, tying it all
i loved it...


I want to be careful about saying perfect to you, but...it is what it is!!


beautiful glimpses Michelle into your thoughts on the skin prompt. I'd been thinking about maybe using the skin of a fruit, and I tried, bu I couldn't do it any justice! I loved reading this.


'Yes, I have skinned my heart so many times.  The evidence is in my face. '

i love these words, Michelle. they shone out to me, just as they idea of peeling the layers and discovering the juicy self within.
oh and how juicy. get the bowl ready, girl.

beautiful analogies...beautiful sentiments


Oh Michelle, I love, love, love this!!! What gorgeous imagery. I love how beautiful and sensual and moving everything you write is. My skin? Covered in goosebumps every time I reach the end of one of your posts. I especially loved the line "I look deeply because underneath, when I peel it all away, is the sweet juiciness of who I really am." Perfect, simply perfect. xoxo


Each portion of this piece is beautiful. You've done a great job of drawing me in to the sacred in the everday.


Aaaahhh, that was such a wonderful post, Michelle. I always love to read what you come up with.


Love, love, LOVE this post! Beautifully written, Michelle. "skinned my heart"...hoo boy, what an apt description. ;)


mmmmm...beautifully written indeed. i also am now craving an orange.


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