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you GO girlfriend!



by the way...such a beautiful picture of you. you are a goddess.


a worthy boycott, a beautiful photo.

i hope you DO leave kisses on your mirror. that thought makes me happy.


This is wonderful, refreshing, and inspirational. I am so happy for you that you are trying to embrace your imperfections and also your "perfections." I would love to join the revolution, but it is easy said then done! I will give it my best shot!


My feeling exactly. It's taken me years to stop focusing on the flaws. I know they're there, I see them, I choose to ignore what I can't change without surgery or injected toxins. I can embrace the imperfections without pointing them out for all to see. Bask in your beauty, sweetie, let it all shine.

mom on a wire

Ok, seriously. You are so pretty. This photo shows your softness, your femininity, your BEAUTY. Your lips match the flowers and the light warms your skin in such a becoming way. I love this. Good for you.


i agree with everyone above. when i first clicked on your blog i was taken aback by this photo. it's a beautiful shot of you. and YES! it's time for kisses on the mirror!


I get what you're saying -- in fact, some similar things are what ran through my head when I first read the Oct challenge.

Nevertheless, I'm going to participate. I feel strongly that letting my imperfections shame me is not good for me; that when we share them with others (hopefully in a positive way) it can be good for us and them.

Thanks for sharing, and that's a gorgeous photo.


Yesssssss! Brava! I can surely understand the place you are coming from.

Your photo is absolutely gorgeous.


"I'm ready to leave kisses on my mirror. I'm ready to smile at myself more. I'm ready to walk with a bit more sass in my step."

YES, YES!!!! YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL MICHELLE!!! embrace that and celebrate that! what are we all waiting for? why can't we unveil and accept our beauty, all the way from the surface to the core?


YAY for you, Michelle!!

And may I just say you look AMAZING in that photo.


Keep up with denying the challenge:) You ARE beautiful, and I want to see more!!!


Hi !You are indeed BEAUTIFUL!. Michelle This a nice shot.
Wish you well :) .


Right on! Enough with the circles of self depreciation! You look amazing as ever!


Any number of physical 'imperfections' are totally outvoted by eyes that twinkle. And the most classic beauty is nothing without them.

I say 'imperfections' because nothing is perfect and nothing is normal.


You GO beautiful Michelle. Your photos have been so incredible lately ~ yes, to your boycott!


as usual, your words have sparked my thoughts.. for me, the semantics of "imperfect" touch deeply and it has taken years and energy to reframe the notion.


That is a beautiful picture. Your bringing sexy back! LOL
I agree, we spend way too much time on our imperfections, I know I do.


Me! I want to!

You are every bit as splendid and heavenly as those gorgeous hydrangea.

R's Musings

Hi Michelle,
Got to your blog through "Colors On My Mind" and have added your link to my blog. Such wonderful writing. Beautifully soft photo, and message, as well. I struggle with gentleness toward myself, so I've begun the mirror-meditation, too.

my pink sky

your words are like a sigh of relief...thank you, thank you, thank you...


GOOD for YOU!!!!
that's the spirit!


i'll join!

i echo everyone's sentiments...you're beautiful...



Those eyes, oh those eyes... This photo positively glows.



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