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AMEN sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!

liz elayne

oh this is gorgeous my friend. i love, love, love this.

bravo my beautiful friend!


do you here that noise? it's me clapping and roaring with you, all the way from over here.. not only is this a stunning portrait of you, sweetie, but such bone-shakingly powerful words too... and from your sunday scribblings post too. i salute you, my sister of the skin x


Beautiful post! Beautiful picture! Good for you for saying no to imperfection. Love it!


Wonderfully strong, warrior woman words. I'm so proud of you - it's definitely time to celebrate your beauty, your strengths, all the bounty that is YOU! You are terribly lovely in this picture. (And I love the hydrageneas! Love them!) I can't wait to see what this magic month of October holds for you.




I hear you and I understand where you are coming from and I am happy for you and inspired to bare witness to your journey, but right now I am not there.
I still have some embracing of imperfections to do in Many areas of my life.
I just wrote in my journal this afternoon something I will probably post tomorrow about just begining to accept the mess of life. I went off on a tangent and really didn't get my point across in my journal. But my life is literally messy right now. Not a comfortable place for me. I hope by the end of this challenge I will learn to embrace the imperfections (of not necessarily my own reflection) but of my life more.


This is such a softly beautiful picture... how Do you take such stunning pictures of yourself. I always look scared or "not there". I wrote about the whole beauty thing...too. I love this pic..really.


I started to really cry as I read this. Wow girl that is the most gorgeous photo-the beauty you write with shines in the picture.

I am with you-I too think it is time I focus on the beautiful and perfect things.

Thank you sweet girl

Oh, The Joys

That is a beautiful photo and you are beautiful and this piece is beautiful and I seem to not know any other adjectives!


Oh wow. You just about made me cry. Here I've been fretting about the less than perfect photo I put up today when it's the last thing I should be doing, considering how down in the dumps I've been lately (you know, those periodical stay-at-home-mom blues). Dwelling on ugliness breeds ugliness -- though I think the spirit of the challenge is to embrace imperfection. I'm keeping my photo up, but now claiming it as perfect.


I didn't like the theme this month either. I was feeling so good. I think about SPC all the time and it colors my month. August was so hard. Thinking about being enclosed made me feel trapped. Your posts then spoke to me. This one does again. I don't know if I should dutifuly do the "work" for SPC or follow la revolucion.
I'm still dwelling on the imperfect. I really hope I can get to the place you are. Maybe I should try the mirror exercise.

tongue in cheek

Brava Beautiful one for standing up and claiming your beauty! And for encouraging others to follow suit!
Hooray for Michelle!


you are an old-world beauty with a new-world wisdom. this photo is worthy of a beautiful magazine lay-out... you are worthy of a a million revelations of your lovliness.

letha sandison

Michelle, you are SO beautiful!!! I think this is the first photo I have seen of your whole face, stunning!! I love the hydrangas too, one of my favorite flowers.

I applaud your boycot!! Your beautiful words ehco so many of my own feelings.

Bravo to you!



THANK YOU! I just did a post on what is UGLY and what is BEAUTIFUL....
You are exquisitely elegant, and it has nothing to do with you looks......it just enhances your outer beauty.


It is a very elegant photo with great composition. I'm in for "letting go." Just wish it wasn't always so hard to do sometimes.


i love this- love you- i really do.

stinkin' brave, i tell you.


I'm speechless.


Michelle - your post and photo are perfect! (I couldn't resist) seriously, that is a wonderful self portrait - of a beautiful spirit.


Good for you, Michelle! Lately I've been 'saving' your blog feeds for when I have a chunk of time to devote to them...because you ALWAYS have something important to say. Sometimes the best way to 'fix' things is to stop looking at what's wrong and start looking at what's right. Thanks for reminding me of that.

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