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I wish I could give you some suggestions, but I haven't been to a movie in weeks. Nothing that sounds good to me has been on here lately. Instead I'll keep in mind your suggestions for things to see!

Love the photo.


$7.75?! Clearly you're not in California. ;) ($9 here...and that was a shock when we got here since nighttime movies--there were no matinees--in the islands were still $6). That's why we very rarely frequent the theaters anymore, and we live within walking distance of several. It's Netflix (and HBO and Encore and Sundance and IFC) for us. I agree about Brenda Blethyn--"Lovely and Amazing" was the last thing I saw her in. She's somehow rather plain and yet quite beautiful at the same time. Hope she never goes the Botox route.

liz elayne

just watched a movie called In My Country. interesting. sad. good. moving. about south africa. netflix it (along with a comedy though).

so glad to stop by for more movie recommendations.


I recently got On a Clear Day from netflix too, and absolutely loved it, so fantastic. I've been working my way through some old films lately, at some point this week I'm going to watch Fellini's Nights of Cabiria. I'll keep you posted.


it's the same price in the UK whatever time you visit!
and no recommendations from me - i've fallenasleep in at least the last five films i've watched :-(


The Science of Sleep is adorable. You would likie...we just saw it last weekend.

love u shmoo.


On a Clear Day was lovely.


I'm so behind on movies, especially those in the theater, which is sad because I love them too. I actually like coming here to get your recommendations so I'm glad you write often about movies. (=

C. Delia

I haven't watched a movie in so long it is almost ridiculous...but, I come here and jot down the titles you say for the big snow day sure to come in a few months, where I can sit and catch up on everything I've missed. Movies, music...such important mediums and, as a hardcore-book-lover I'm only just finding my way into them now...


the last movie that i saw
and liked
was click...
with adam sandler...
i know it seems
kind of dorky and silly
i can't help it,
i love the fonz...
and the movie made me laugh
and almost cry.
i liked it.


Japanese Story (2003). A great little Australian film starring Toni Collette (love her! will see any film with her in it). It's a work of art. An entirely original "love story" that refuses to get bogged down in romance. Utterly realistic, puzzling, challenging and breathtakingly acted and directed. You'll love it.


This was awhile ago, but Spanglish was really good and I don't even care that much for Mr. Sandler.

I've written down a few of your suggestions, so they should keep me busy for some time...thanks :)

warm loveliness



Children of Heaven if your feeling like a foreign film. It was sooo good. I love the Oscars too, I always think they go by really fast.


I saw Saving Grace with my kids...It was sweet. She is a classic beauty. All Angles. She photographs really well.


The last movie I saw was Little Miss Sunshine and it was fabulous! I laughed so much and so hard that I feel like I missed small sections of the movie. I also saw He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not which is a French film staring the woman who was in Amelie (another perfect movie!!)

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