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Amazing words to gift your son with. Michelle, this is just beautiful.



angela marie

oh my!! This is absolutely beautiful....just beautiful. I am speechless.


Your little one is so lucky to have your loving guidance as he discovers the world. This post made me think of the wonderful Kahlil Gibran piece "On Children" -- "You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth. The Archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite, and He bends you with His might that His arrows may go swift and far." I get chills.


michelle, what an incredibly amazing piece! i love these instructions... mother to son. wow!


such a poetic guide
for life....


love this.


love this.


i'm taking your words to heart today... my spirit ate up the words and i guess my younger self needed the encouragement.(i'm fortunate to hear the message even if i can't live it each day) the power of a guide in our lives is awesome.


This is just beautiful and I love the photo.

C. Delia

Lessons are everywhere, if we're wise enough to look for them...as you are. So beautifully written here.


Lovely, Michelle. I really love the photo too.


I love this!

Ali la Loca

This is the sweetest thing, Michelle. It's good not only for little ones, but for me as well here in Africa. Lots of good lessons.



Oh, well, there's not much I can say about this. It's too magnificent and real and lectia divinia, so I'm going to let it settle within me. It says so much of what I'm discovering - the balance of listening to yourself.


Beautifully written. I hope somewhere there is a hard copy of all you have written for your son so he can experience your talent and and take in your wisdon.


Oh Michelle ~ This was priceless. I will never forget this lesson and look forward to one day getting to tel it to some special child in my life.

Thank you Thank you, so much for sharing :)

much love,


How incredibly beautiful.


Oh my dear...you have such a way about making me cry-

May I print this and carry it with me?

You must give this to him printed when he goes off to college someday-or wherever he goes. But this my dear is so beautiful-so true-so enlightening-so loving.

It was such an affirmation to me today.

Love you


This was really beautiful. Your son is so fortunate to have you as his mom.


I think these are my favorite scribblings this week.
Thanks for such lovely instructions.

tongue in cheek

You never deny to give your best to us! Thank you for your wisdom dear dear Michelle!!


Powerful writing. Thank you for such a wanted post.


Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! It was so visceral that it took me back to all the times I've had my feet in the icy cold Smith (the river in my home neck of the woods). No wonder it's always felt so healing. Its crystal-clear water and rapids and smooth stones and pebbly sand were guiding me through life...I just didn't know it. ;)


Wonderful post...now he just needs a flyrod... best part of Colorado streams is the trout fishing.

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