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as it should be. i've struggled with the question of how much should i put out there. there are so many things that should be left unsaid and kept to yourself.
bravo. great post.


I hear you, Michelle. Sigh.

I love the photo.


I get (it) and I get you and what you're saying...we all have secrets...well, I do, and I will go to my grave with some details that will never ever pass over my lips.

There are subjects that I avoid, even with my family, because my opinions are so completely opposite to theirs.

I wish you and I could sit on a couch and share our secrets, with an oath of forgetting, once we were done.

Sweet girl...you are loved


i believe and always have believed we should all have a little mysterey within.

you have a wonderful heart. it is huge...and wonderful. xoxoxo


there are feelings and moments that i believe are only meant for US and no one else. we all have them (i am guilty as charged) but i am starting to come out of my shell a little purely through the blogging experience. however i still keep certain things locked away from the world and i think they wil stay that way.
i think that it would be impossible to share all THOSE THINGS, and would anyone really understand them anyway?
you may remain a little mystery to us, but what we do know is that you are a woman on the search, looking at life and discovering things about yourself and life on a daily basis. this is what i love about you.


I love this post. And we all remain a bit of a mystery to one another. Be well, sweet one.


I love what you share with us and you are truly honest with so much that I'm glad you keep a part of yourself sacred and just for you, even if it's dark or scary. I think about that often, that we really don't 'know' each other that well, that we're only given a glimpse and that there is so much more to us all, that we don't ever share. Like you, I keep my work and family out of my blog (for the most part) and it works for me for now. My blogging relationships have become very important to me but I have to remember to keep perspective on it all because there are also times, that I get so caught up I have to have a reality check.


This is my first time commenting here, but I just had to speak up on this post. I share a part of who you are, I grew up in a small west texas town and I know how that can mold a person. I think you are so brave for posting this, your emotions are so raw and so beautiful. We all have secrets, we all have scars. I admire you for showing yours so that others may gather strength from it.


I am hiding some of the ugly bits of me...all the judgements I have about certain family members. They resurface again and again. I think it is a good thing that I hold some stuff back because really most of the things I hold back are mean and I would only say them because I want others to validate me.

I do still hold on to some of my fears and those I want to continue to shed light on and be open about.

I know debt can be overwhelming because I have been there DEEP in debt. I am out of it now and I know it is much more difficult to climb out when you have a child to care for. I think I have mentioned this book before, but it is so worth it and really changed my views on money;
Your Money or Your Life by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robins


Oh, debt and money issues are just...yes. That is incredibly difficult to face.

Thanks as always for sharing so much of yourself. You know I embrace it all. :)


all in good time. there's the right time for everything. if it doesn't feel right to share then it's probably NOT right.

x x x x x


It's ok to have a place that is all your own! But it is important to respect that part of yourself too. Don't just keep it for the things that are shameful to you. WE all have the same type of skeletons hidden somewhere. Wishing you much peace! Sam


I totally understand and completely relate.
Love the photos lately!


it's always a delicate balance, this blog world and what we wouldn't write about, isn't it?

C. Delia

I always walk the line in balancing truth and privacy myself...so your words spoke to me today. I have only recently felt able to post pictures of myself on my blog--it feels very liberating, though, to be able to look at myself and be "looked at". But, there are certain subjects I say now I'll never tackle...in public. I find that the "secrets" arrive in my notebooks again and again and again. I welcome them, but they aren't for sharing. But, I'm grateful you shared a bit of yours...

liz elayne

thank you for sharing these pieces yet honoring that there are parts of you that are just for you.

this is a beautiful way to approach this prompt...and encourages me to think about using it as a journal prompt for myself.

peace and light to you girl...


I love this post. Thank you.

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