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'A puzzle of wind and heat and clouds.' Delicious line there.

I hear you on the "settling" and sometimes I think that's why so many of us shied away from writing for so long - because you have to work through things, oh yes you do. It seems like it will be dreadfully painful, but so far I've found it's not so - just wonderfully freeing.


I love the thought of the taste of communion wafers. Very nice sense memory. Really good poem!


Like wendy, I especially loved the day that tasted like the stolen commuunion wafers. I liked the stained glass..well, I really liked all of it. Good job!


There's so much here I feel like I need to come back and read it again. It's so evocative - the bland taste of the morning, the thick winter coat of sorrow. Great job, Michelle!


writing is a gift - one to share, but also one to treasure within us - and you have that gift, sweet woman. this poem is stunning x


the sky being stained glass
you have really outdone
yourself with this one.

and when you talk of
reality mixing with feelings
in your poetry,
i can relate...
that happens to me alot
that i start with one thing
but the poem sometimes
takes me elsewhere...


I love that Diane Ackerman book and your poem is lovely.


this took my breath away, it seems like you've written about a day in my life. amazing. the feelings all came rushing back.

carolee Sherwood

very powerful. what do children think when their mothers crumble? you've taken us someplace so powerful and fused it with the "bigness" of church/religion through imagery. wow!


This poem reminds me of my mother. She spent her entire life trying to make up for the fact that she didn't win full custody and thus we only saw her on weekends. I remember walking to the store with her alone one day. I think I was about 14 and I asked her why she doesn't go to therapy and try to have more of a life (then seeing the four of us every weekend. Since she got divorced when I was 7 she has never had a boyfriend or even a date!) She said that the pain is too deep. She didn't want to go through the pain to get to the other side. She was content with us as her life. I remember feeling so sad and guilty. It is a burden that has lessened over the years as I know this is her choice, but at times I still feel her weight.


Luscious photo, Michelle! (How's that for an unintentionally synesthetic comment?)

I have synesthesia, so it was interesting for me to see this used as a prompt for writing by those who don't experience it.

I love where you went with this poem. The images and metaphors are rich and strong.


Absolutely beautiful writing. So rich and evocative. It leaves me wondering, who is Alice? What has happened? But the mystery is part of the beauty.


Man this is damn good.

Oh I envy your writing so.

Love to you


I agree it does seem a bit sed, but I get more a sense of being alone and lots. It's the struggle, perhaps an inner one?

Very well written.


This is a beautiful response to the prompt. And I've heard nothing but raves about Ackerman's book--must put it on my list to read. This poem didn't 'sound' sad as I read it, but it FELT very familiar...and that made me sad. (If that makes sense.)

tongue in cheek

the light
color of softness
the feelings you
in your photography
are beyond words
I am daily amazed by your
it is a holy communion!

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