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just wanted to say hi...
been thinking about you

annie lockhart

hey...first time for me to visit your blog...it is great...i just commented on boho blog about this topic...monsters...hers was different of course...but still the underlying theme of fear...i do think your last comments are the way to live...because any other way is just not living...i came from a home where fear is my mothers middle name...bless her heart...she is a wonderful momma...but most of her decisions are fear based...so consequently she worried enough for all of us...and i tend to go to extremes in the other directions...trusting everyone...this can be good and bad...i do try to have a balance overall though...as i have gotten older and my life lessons have presented me with choices on how i will judge or treat another...i do ask myself to see if i have the right to pass that on...whether verbal or in my heart...it's hard...i do believe in karma...no one is perfect...we do have to protect our children...and ourselves...be informed...just be filled with light and love...and calmness will cast it's sweetness over you and your family...annie


This was not the post for me to read at 1:30 AM right before I was going to go to bed!!!


Don't give them power; but stay aware! I try to get my news from the paper or the internet so that I can skim past the more horrifying details. On TV or radio, it's just all in your face, and there's no good way to filter it to a manageable level.
I'm so sorry about your co-workers. I know it's a hard balancing act, but try to not let the fear eat you up, while still being careful and alert.


scary situation with
your co-workers...
that's crazy!
it must be so upsetting...

and i know what you mean
about not wanting to think
about it too much
but at the same time
trying to remain aware
and viligant...
scary times.

great post.


What happened to your co-workers is terrifying and like you, I fear greatly these predator/monster/humans with the evil element alive and running. Because I think evil is a human element despite what ever has happened to get there. I think that life and being a human is a precarious thin line that is crossed with no return. Look at how different siblings can be, in the same house/parents? I think it's the nature of a person that is their blueprint and how their life unfolds is whether their own evil will prevail.
I feel like I've been scared my entire life of these possiblities and you very eloquently expressed those fears. Great writing Michelle on a very scary topic.


the best we can do is to live our life to the fullest. everyday.


Maybe it is a matter of survival of the fittest, the fittest being something that none of us want it to be: brutal, quick, aggressive. Maybe it is something more along the lines of nature and her tendency toward variance. A life force that has brought the planet to where it is now, according to some theories.

Maybe it's not good and evil, and maybe it would be easier to see behind each other's eyes if we all admitted how much of ourselves is pure animal, and how little is pure reason.


I could not agree with you more. Monsters are HUMAN...and in many ways, just like us. Being in CO, the story of Karr is everywhere. His eyes are very evil...like looking into the void. I try to teach my kids to see both sides..of people. So they have a clearer view of the whole...very few Vilians, really, and very few heros. Mostly people in the middle, trying to wrestle their own demons back.


Completely frightening. I hate how the media is dwelling on the JonBenet case - I tried to tune into dumb Larry King for an interview on Project Runway and had to sit through that endless talk talk talk.

Ah, the human monster. I believe we're all capable of evil; we choose against it most of the time. And sometimes we don't. There's no explanation for it, only that patterns repeat themselves and you sometimes wonder about the old verse, of the sins of the father being revisited on the following generations.

But whatever happens, we can't let monsters and their fearful ways steal our joy, the beauty of each day.

my pink sky

it boggles my mind the range of human existance... from devine and beautiful, to wreched and horrifying. those monsters are the scariest for sure.


I'm also speechless that entertainment shows are reporting (is that what it is?) on suspected child killers. I've often wondered if evil people become that way or if they get born into the world as evil beings. Some things seem beyond human comprehension.


hi, first time commenting here. last night, I double checked my son's window and the door to his room, on the second floor. I checked his breathing twice-- he's two! I still couldn't rest until the door to his room and the door to my room were both open. I awoke three minutes into sleep because I thought I heard some thing...
i know what it is to fear monsters, to feel I can't do enough, and to feel I may be overdoing it too.


Wow, that was very well written, but very scary in an all too real way!

Not sure where it is that you live, but be careful, and sorry to hear about the nastiness in your area.


tongue in cheek

Sweetness, tenderness, courage, grace, hope, love, forgiveness, tears. I feel for those women and their families. my prayers are being said.


Oh god, that's horrific. Things like that are always terrifying, but even more so when they hit so close to home...when we realize we might have crossed paths with the 'monster.'

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