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I am shaking my head in wonder. You amaze me, with your awareness, with your compassion. Your son has a mighty woman for a mother.


This is an amazing post. You put so much of yourself into it. You are so strong, so aware.


By growing up with you as his mom, I feel sure that Britton will grow to be a man women don't have to fear. That's a pretty wonderful thing.


What a powerful, powerful post. I'm familiar with Ensler, but hadn't heard of her book. (Love the name of it.) Good for you for wanting to heal this part of yourself not just for you, but also for Britton. We must teach our sons that true love lies not in having power over women, but in supporting their efforts to empower themselves. Having been involved in the feminist movement 30 years ago, I can't help but think that we've gone so far backwards in this area. There would have been such an uproar and backlash 30 years ago to the misogynistic art we have now. Kudos to Eve Ensler for her efforts in female empowerment.


Well written and powerful. Definitely more than 2¢ worth of impact. Thanks!


and what a worthy
and inspiring two cents
it is!
so powerful
and intense
and honest...



Brava. Your two cents are woefully underpriced.

Girls seem to be taught so much about sexual violence - usually placing the onus on them protecting themselves or reading a man's mind. They are taught to be afraid and to not place themselves in any danger (as if that were possible).

By contrast, in my experience, boys are taught NOTHING, not even basic things such as how traumatic sexual violence is. I'm 22, and I still don't feel I've learnt enough. Your son is very lucky.


1. same here! boys are turds!

2. amen sista!

3. big hell yeah!

4. me too...but this is a hard one!

you are one smart girlie!


I am the mother of two daughters. I thank God for mothers of sons, like you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Respect...I must have used that word a million times while raising my son and having talks about girls/ladies/women. He is 24 now and we still have these talks...I tell him they are more for me now than him. He has great respect for women, I just need to know that this freakin worped world has not tainted him. That is when he gives me a big hug and says, "I love you, Mom" and I can feel his chest rumble with respect for me....you can do this...I know you will


my pink sky

your two cents are enough to buy hope for so many women...this is such an important issue. thank you for sharing your strength and power.


you are a good mama michelle, to question to know what your limitations are due to your own experiences. this post brought up a lot for me, for my own experiences with men and being used by them when I was too young to know better, too young to understand that my body and myself is better than i allowed.


Bless you for writing this.

Bless you for helping your son understand that "To stay open, even in the pain and the rage, isn't easy." For helping him understand that real damage gets inflicted, and that if it isn't easily seen it's probably because she has hidden it and along with it a precious part of herself.

Bless you, bless you for educating your son to the fact that what should be a source of joy, of love, of pleasure can only be given, not stolen — that such stealing destroys — that it should be, for both male and female, a source of wonder cradled with the deepest respect.


I think you are so right...we need more than laws, we need to change the way most of society sees women. We need to change the way we see ourselves. I do believe change is possible...


Wise, wise words. both comforting and sad that so many of us have had those moments when *our body hasn't been our own*
I have two sons and I am trying to teach them respect for all paths and the expression of anger without violence. I hope this will be enough x x x


I have a feeling Britton will turn out fine. Bravo to you for talking about this. When we all start talking, women will stop hiding and taking the rage out on themselfs and innocent men.


This is a powerful post. I'm so glad you're teaching you son the things he needs to become a man. You are a warrior.


i know i've mentioned before that i think you are so brave for writing the things that you do -- i feel the need to say it again, though. you are brave and inspiring. we need more women like you who are raising their sons in such a conscious way. thank you for this.


Very powerful.
Thank you.


Rage against sexual violence would be a natural state for most women if we weren't in so much denial. I applaud your desire to raise a good male. We need that very badly.

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