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You sure know how to unpack a bag!


I couldn't sleep tonight, too many things running through my head. So I decided to blog surf and came across your new site and started to cry...your words made me cry. I cried for you, for the little girl I see in those words who seems so lost, so hurt. I just want to give you a hug and tell you...you are strong, you are beautiful, you are deserving of everything good in life. I applaud you for being a single mom. Toughest job on earth, single or not, but also most rewarding. It’s amazing how a little being can fill an empty heart. I wish you peace...


this is amazing
i am reading it at work with tears pouring down my face - you are strong, special and all those things
thank you for sharing


You are so strong!

Thanks for being so open, thank you for showing your innermost feelings.
I regard my soul as a kind of cupboard. All of my thoughts and feelings, my wishes, are stored in there. Sometimes, I show a piece to someone who is dear to me - because I learned that the others just look at the item disparagingly or call it crap (so I shut the doors to them). The good friends are astonished, amazed or even delighted to see what’s in my soul cupboard and open theirs to me, too…

Thank you so much for opening your soul cupboard to us!


Michelle -

I identify so much with some of this baggage, especially the stuff about eating and self image. I'm sure many other women here do as well.

Thanks for putting words to what, despite my best attempts, I sometimes still feel to this day.

Hundred and one

Isn't it funny how simple things - like a dress or a smell - hold such poignant memories. Lovely sunday scribble.


What a powerful testament to the woman you've become. Wrap your arms around yourself tightly and know that you are, and always have been, enough. We've all been there, but many don't find this clarity. Blessings to you Michelle...

my pink sky

michelle, this post is amazing...full of bitter sweetness and a power that is pure strength and resilliance! you have come such a long way. thank you for touching me with your truth and beauty.



this is one of your best.
i'm sitting here
with so many things
i want to say
and still so blown away
by your words
that i can't find my own
to express myself with.

poignant and honest.
searingly real.


been there, done that, wore the tshirt, and all the rest including the eating disorider. i have spent the last year unpacking baggage from a lifetime of compromising myself to try to make others happy.

I now have someone in my life who does not add to the baggage. he is just helping unpack it, air it out and either store it away for good or discard it. I am helping him do the same thing. We are best friends, no more, no less but open to the development of this as it happens.

Thank you for the open honesty of your blog. you are strong and inspirational to many.



Sweetness...my how you have grown

as I read this post and let the tears fall, for the little girl, the teenager, the college student, the young woman and mother

for my own baggage..especially tied with food...

I remember some of the first posts of yours I read

and how you are handling your baggage so differently now

hanging it out...letting air flow...unloading it instead of bearing it's weight.

You my friend...your growth and beauty shine on my life and effect me.
Thank you for being so courageous
Thank you for growing


This is lovely, as always. You have such a beautiful way of letting us get a glimpse into your soul!


Nikki Stevens

All this baggage and I still see your light and love. You are beautiful! Thank you for sharing your beauty.


dear M,
you're writing always moves me in ways i don't expect. today the lines you've written so resonate with me, it breminds me of that quote from Alan Bennett about reading
'...here it is, set down by someone else, a person you have never met, someone even who is long dead. And it is as if a hand has come out and taken yours'

Big thank you - especially for the last few sentences.


I am almost rendered speechless..
amazing writing..
thanks for sharing..
you are right..
you are special :)


This is a very touching post, makes me want to do some unpacking...


You're such and amazing writer, Michelle. I love the image of dragging your baggage out and hanging it in the breeze to blow out the oogies. I cried when I read this, but by the end was saying "yes!"


PS....I loved the photos of Britt you posted yesterday. I tried to leave a comment, (as well as trying to leave one on this post last night) but for some reason I'm having a LOT of trouble leaving comments on your new blog. Not sure why, as I don't usually have any problem with Typepad blogs. I'll keep trying, though because I love your photos and posts.


You are all of those things - precious, beloved, safe - and what a beautiful way to look at each garment, making up your prayer flag...I love that.


this is one of your best posts and I can so identify with it as I am doing unpacking myself.


I love this piece, the mixing of the figurative and the literal baggage is beautiful--and brave.


You are moving.
A post like this has momentum.
Beautifully written...having the reader loving every word and image.



This is just...amazingly written. You are incredibly talented. WOW.

As I read through your post, I could not believe how similar your story of growing up is to mine. I used to fight with my mother in kindergarten because that is when I demanded to never wear a dress again...

One thing that strikes me about what you've written is just how cruel life is to women.

So unbelievably brutal and relentless in that brutality. It's a wonder any of us survive.


Amazing, Michelle. I can see now what you were wanting to share when we first exchanged e-mails. The food, the need for acceptance, the spiritual emptiness. Healing is a slow process but, once started, the desperation recedes and the rebuilding begins. Know I am here supporting and cheering you on each step of the way.


This was amazing writing! I loved your style, strength and bravery. Speechless!

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