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6! Holy moley girl...amazing you all survived...glad you can laugh about it now...
sounds sort of romantic and sweet, even though I am suyre it didn't feel that way then


haha, oh my, a cautionary tale for sure.......I wondered when the story began, if all would survive. The wonderful thing about old age......you can always look back and laugh.....even if at the time it was a bit painful. By the way, who got the couch.....and floor.


i loved this,
so droll
and dry
and yet
and knowing...



i love the photo! the draw of the glass, iron, wood... time passed and passing in one visual moment.beauty!!


It is great that you were able to forgive and forget, move on, and do the same thing the following year! Makes it a really sweet life. Great photo!


Ah, I can just imagine -- too many women with sore feet -- never a good thing! Glad you all stayed friends!


Love your new site!! I hope Typepad is nicer to you than Blogger was. Loving your posts of late too, especially hearing about your trip to the mountains...aren't they amazing?!!


hi there!!

I love your new site & I hope that you are warm and cozy here! I'll change my sidebar for you anytime! xoxo

my pink sky

this photo is so unbelievable! i stared at it for way too long...

letha sandison

Yikes Michelle, I am glad you all came through in one piece and still friends! I guess there is such a thing as too much togetherness :)

I think Vegas brings out bad things. I have only been once and don't care if I ever see the place again! It just isn't my scene.



LOL sorry. :)


Isn't it amazing how the people we love the most can also drive us mad!?! Luckily the love outlasts the madness.

Maya Stein

Sounds like a nightmare but the photo is just gorgeous!

I think 6 of anything is probably too much - 6 beers, 6 helpings of cake, 6 miles of walking, 6 fingers, 6 hours in the car, the 6 long days of my period...hah. But thanks for sharing, and doing it so vividly!


that las vegas phrase had never appealed to me until you gave it a different meaning in this post... it truly speaks to the resilience of women and in our relationships... taking the good, the bad, the ugly and the sublime in stride. i was grinning ear to ear as i read the last line... can't wait to hear the cancun version. (with a visit of montezuma's revenge increasing the "shared bathroom" drama)


I have followed you from blogspot my dear and have updated my favorites, so this replaces the old blog. Glad you will be able to type without the hairpulling.

Still love to read your writings... such passion in your words. And Such humor...

6 women in one room!?!?! No, i can definately see how that might NOT be the best plan. eeep!


I love Vegas. When I lived in California I went there several times. I think there is something for everyone in Vegas even if it is sin city. It was always fun for me, but then again I never shared a room with 5 women.

Tara Dawn

Ha...I love this! I once shared a hotel room in Panama City with 12 other girls...we had to shower 3 at a time in bathing suits! I can certainly relate. And oh, how I love Vegas...on my next trip there (in Oct.) I will no doubt smile as I think of you and your best gal pals sharing a crowded 4 days/nights in Sin City. Great post!

Glam Jo

HaHa - I TOTALLY packed the wrong shoes for Vegas - who knew?

tongue in cheek

this photo is a winner! Wow!

Sarah e. Smith aka Rustic Relics

AMAZING photo...i love the warmth of the sun radiating on the glass...beautiful. Great story too...for the record i would not have survived that trip...Cancun maybe :)

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