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And so are your words and photos!
YUMMY you!


Michelle's words and images are Yummy!


"Life is yummy" that's so true if we just stop and pay attention.

A creamy mac and cheese is very yummy too, I'm salivating just thinking about it. And a juicy mango, mmmm.... delicious.

Lovely post :)


THIS was yummy.
i am so coming back
to read this
everytime i start to feel
so many things that i love.


I agre Life is yummy. And baked patatoes and cream and soft wolf ears and the sun throwing dancing shadows on the wall reading your blog :)

kelly barton

i dig the word yummie...
oh i wonder when frida is going to arrive on my doorstep? hey our neighbors are moving back to texas! houston i believe. but it makes me think of you!


Yummy list, indeed! Love "Yummy is knowing you can always start over again."

Regina Clare Jane

This post was so yummy- for my mind and soul... thanks for this.


Your post was too...so laced with flavor and joy I am feeling satisfied and full for reading it.


Delicious. Thank you for the cornucopia of yumminess.


I agree entirely. Life indeed is yummy! Being alive is yummy.


I agree entirely. Life indeed is yummy! Being alive is yummy.


YUMMY....is always reading what you right. YUMMY is wishing that I could spend an afternoon with you drinking margaritas. YUMMY is knowing that I can always come back here to read again.


life seems so rich when you put it this way!


great photo that goes perfectly with your words here.


Yummy scrummy indeed! Yummy is late night nachoes, a old Grey's Anatomy to watch, and ginger ale. Yummy is Friday afternoon, the anticipation of the weekend.

Oh, but I do miss margaritas. That yummy tangy salty sourness...


Yummy is this post.... Probably not a good idea to read before I eat.... mmmm.... Now I want to eat so much...mmmmmmmmmm


yummy for me is so many things in your post! And yummy is coming to visit you every day :-)


you always hit the nail right on the head mama. thank you.


first time passing through this here blog, and it's been a positively yummy experience.
thank you for the beautiful imagery!


Yes it is...and so was the post. This was a nice warm virtual hug.


i love this. mmmm.

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